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Recommendations of a Good Portable DVD Player

C.S. asks from Chicago

Hello, Does anyone have any good recommendations for a good portable DVD player? Or even have some advice to stay away from some bad ones? We are taking our first p...


Best Portable DVD Player for Kids?

M.G. asks from Seattle

Hello all, I am looking for the best portable DVD player that can stand up to kids ages 5 & 8. We are going to be traveling this summer and will have a rental car so ...


Need Advice on How You Would Rate the Cosley Zoo in Wheaton.

C.C. asks from Chicago

The Fam and I plan on going to the Cosley Zoo on Friday. The weather is gonna be delightful and since it's free, we are all over it. My husband thinks it'll be a dud ...


Travelling with 3 Month Old Bottle Fed

R.B. asks from San Francisco

Hello, How do you transport bottles & formula? Thanks, R.