Best Portable DVD Player for Kids?

Updated on January 09, 2012
M.G. asks from Fairfield, CA
4 answers

Hello all, I am looking for the best portable DVD player that can stand up to kids ages 5 & 8. We are going to be traveling this summer and will have a rental car so we're looking for a portable DVD player that will help to entertain the kids while traveling. There are many on the market and I've read consumer reports and various reviews but I thought that perahps those of you with experience knew a bit more? Thanks for any sugggestions. :)

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answers from Kansas City on

aw really? what about car games, coloring, reading, toys, singing? :) i'm kinda anti-dvd players in the car. we have had one on hand for 2 different trips (18 hour drives) with our then 2, and then 4 year old...we didn't need it. if you get one, maybe it would be nice to really save it for a big surprise after they've exhausted ALL other activities? :) no judgment, just an idea. was just talking to my mom the other day (as we took my 5 year old on an 1 1/2 hour road trip) how it seems everyone is SO eager to plug the kids in these days...they don't really "need"'s just easier. but not necessarily, just a thought. have fun on your trip!

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answers from Washington DC on


We didn't spend a ton of money on ours - we have Cody portable DVD players and they are fine. My kids are 9 & 11 and have had them since they were 5 & 7. I think we were lucky and found ours on sale for $20 each.

We also have a Panasonic portable DVD player that also syncs up with cable - it has a bigger screen and it was $300. We bought this one in 2005. Still operates just fine!

I wouldn't go with the most expensive one - I would with the one that works for your family. Our Cody's have a great battery life. They work well in a car and in an airplane.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I found a cheapy one on sale at Target. for $30 It served it's purpose.
That one didn't last long.
I, then, found another one on sale at Target for $39 & we still have that one. Not sure of the brand names. I will check later & edit my post.

My advice is to buy a cheapy one & tell your kids to treat it kindly.
We were given expensive ones when my SD was younger & they lasted
even when she was hard on them. Little things started falling apart:
buttons started sticking, buttons broke off etc.

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answers from Detroit on

we had a sony and it was great. u can buy a case logic case that will strap to the headrest too. however. i stupidly left the charger plugged into it, and it must have gotten jammed in there and it broke the connnection. we may be able to fix it, but i have no idea where or how much it would be.

SO....i just saw and ad in the Target paper today for a Philips dual screen one for $89.99, reg. $166 i think i'm going to get it this week. maybe your Target has the same sale?

whatever you get, just make sure it has a car adapter (i'm sure most do).

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