Bringing Baby Home

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Delivering at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital

E.A. asks from Detroit

I am pregnant with my second baby and my doctor suggested I might like delivering at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital instead of Oakwood in Dearborn. With my daughter, ...


Due in June - Delivering at Sequoia Hospital - Want No Interventions - Tips?

G.T. asks from San Francisco

Hi mommas, I am pregnant with my first baby, due in June, and planning on having a no-intervention, non-medicated birth. My sister had a beautiful home birth last ...


Birth Control While Nursing

L.B. asks from Washington DC

I've been nursing my baby exclusively for 5 months, and she is ready to be supplemented with cereal, and I'll be running out of the mini pill next month... So I need ...


Birth Weight of Baby #2

S.L. asks from Philadelphia

I know there is huge variation, but I'm just curious so I thought I'd take a poll. How big was your second baby compared to your first? Bigger or smaller and by how...


Has Anyone Delivered at Bryn Mawr Hospital

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

Hi all! I just moved to Villanova in January and am 33 weeks pregnant. I picked Bryn Mawr Hospital for my delivery but I just toured it and was less than impressed....


Natural Birthing Experience at Baylor Hospital-Dallas

V.S. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are trying to decide on delivery at Baylor Hospital with my doctor there or at the Birth and Women's Center birthing center about four blocks away. ...


Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)

C.D. asks from Clarksville

I have a question concerning any women who have had vaginal births after a c-section. My first two kids were vaginal births without drugs. My second baby actually cam...


Giving Birth to Twins

W.K. asks from New York

Hi everyone, I am about 4 weeks away from delivering twins and I have a concern about how to deliver. to give you some background, i have a 5 and a 7 year old who ...


Experience with Older Kids Coming Around to a Baby Name They Don't Like

I.X. asks from Los Angeles

So for a while we tossed the idea around of naming our very soon to be born baby, Henry after my FIL. Our little girls got attached to the idea even though we change...


Looking for Recent Birth Experiences at Chandler Regional Hospital...

H.T. asks from Phoenix

I am 35 weeks pregnant and had my first baby at Mercy Gilbert (which I absolutely loved). My current OB/GYN's office is right next to Chandler Regional, and we have ...