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Survey: Hospital Birth Versus Home Birth??

Did you hear? A young, Australian woman who lobbied for more support for home births has died after delivering her baby daughter at home. She was rushed to the ER in cardiac arrest. Women and babies can die in both places due to unforeseen labor and delivery complications It's a known fact that things can change in a blink of an eye for a mom giving birth. This is just a survey and in no way intended to start a ruckus here...I would love to hear your stories...I'll tell you mine in the SWH... Have you delivered at home? In a...

Baby's Bag

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Car Seats

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Car Seat ?

My son is 11 months and weighs about 22 pounds, woould it be okay to turn him around.I know you are supposed to wait until they are one and at least twenty pounds but he is really hating his car seat now and he looks a little silly being that big facing rear.He is crawling and has taken a few steps so he seems strong enough.Any thought would be appreciated.thanks

Preparing Siblings

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My 5 Year Old Refuses to Eat

Hi, my 5 year old refuses to eat nearly everything I put in front of him. He likes Hamburger Helper, PB&J, Hamburgers, Tacos, Macaroni, Chicken Nuggets and fries. Other than that he won't eat. I have made him sit there "until the food is gone" but he will just put the food in his cheek and let it turn to mush. I finnally will just let him spit it out. I have taken things away, and I will not make him a seperate meal. He will gag at the table or even puke on his plate. He will tell me he doesn't like what I've made before he even knows what...