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Cleaning Wipes for Breast/nipple and for Medela Pump Parts and Storage Bags

Hi, I'm stocking up for breastfeeding supplies and wanted to know... Do I have to use the cleansing pads specifically sold to clean your breast before breastfeeding or can I use baby wipes or other natural wipes instead? What about cleaning the Medela breast pump parts? They sell a specific wipe just for that too. Can I use something else? Does anyone have a recommendation for something I can use for all of these purposes? Lastly, I'm looking for recommendations on breast storage bags. I heard about Gerber, Lansinoh and Medela...

Baby's Bag

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Medela Breast Pump Tubing

Hello. I am expecting my second child in 3 weeks and am looking to replace my breast pump parts. I have found everything except the tubing. I don't even see replacement tubing on Medela's website. Does anyone know where I can buy new tubing? Or do I even need new tubing? Thanks!


Used Medela Pump

Hi Ladies, I bought a used Medela pump from a friend. I bought all...