Did You Know Labor Was Coming?

Updated on September 16, 2010
A.C. asks from Atlanta, GA
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For those of you who have had full-term, uninduced labors, how many of you felt ready when you went into labor? I don't mean ready to be a mom, or ready because everything was set up, but felt PHYSICALLY ready to go into labor?

With my first, I was so tired and big and unable to move in the last few days that I really felt like I wasn't going to make it another day without going into labor (and this went on for several days!) My son was 3 days late, and I was probably miserable for a good 5-6 days before he was born, and when labor came, I was not surprised because I had been expecting it every hour for days. But I'm now coming up on my due date for #2, and although uncomfortable, it is no where near as desperate, and instead of waking up sure I'm going to give birth each day, I wake up and feel today is unlikely. Does this mean that my next child is going to be pretty late? Or is it more because I've been through it once already? I'm not really looking for answers - I'd just like to hear your experiences! Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Well, I ended up being induced when I was several weeks late. I guess there was a reason I didn't feel like labor was coming! It really, really wasn't! ^_^

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answers from Chicago on

I was ready to give birth but my body had not given me any signs that I was ready. I felt like it would never happen. I was not dilate/effaced/etc. My water ended up breaking but besides that I did not feel as if I was in labor. I went 2 days before my due date.

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answers from Anchorage on

From about 38 weeks on I woke up every day sure that that would be the day! Than at 42 weeks, with out having had a single contraction, I was induced. With my second, I was hoping for labor everyday from the 38th week, but was not really expecting it, so I was surprised when, in my 42nd week, the night before my induction at around midnight, I went into labor, and boy was I ready and excited.

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answers from Atlanta on

I was scheduled for a C-Section on a Monday, but after eating Pizza and having extreme heartburn Friday night, my little guy had different plans for me for the weekend.

While I was sleeping and my water broke and it felt like a tidal wave!
unfortunately my son was breach, so he kicked the flood gates open.

As I was walking into the hospital he shifted down, and a foot leg came out...
it was very uncomfortable, and by the time I got into L&D I was in FULL LABOR, but unfortunately he still had to be born C-Section...

My 1st child, I was induced and was in labor for 36 hrs. It was horrible.
She was born with E-coli, and nearly died... Thankful to say she is a healthy vibrant smart beautiful little lady now...

What does your Dr. say about your delay?? Are they giving you a expected late date???

Best wishes for all of you...


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answers from Houston on

I was caught completely by surprise at 37.5 weeks...I might have been in a teensy tiny bit of denial.

I had 37 week check-up on Friday with my midwife...not dilated past a fingertip or effaced.

Monday, I just couldn't spend any more time at my desk and I left early to take a nap...slept like 16 hours (except a couple of pee breaks...lol).

Tuesday...I "wet" my pants every time I move from a sit to a standing position. Left work early again and headed back to my midwife to be checked to see if my water was leaking...no dice...still not dilated...not enough fluid to conclusively test. Headed back home, stopped at the grocery store, reached up for a dozen eggs and was greeting with a gush of "urine" down my legs. Met with the painter, got up from the rocking chair...more wet...still convinced that I am just peeing on myself. Could only think..."How the hell am I going to get through work tomorrow if I keep peeing on myself!?!??!"

Luckily, contractions finally started a few hours later. It was a rough night. I labored for something like 14 hours before I even dilated to TWO. Baby girl was born right around 19 hours.

I always laugh when I think about it....I am one of those moms that read everything about pregnancy. I was sure that I would know when it was happening. I was in denial for a lot of hours!

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answers from Portland on

well with my son, i woke up at three in the morning feeling back cramps. i didnt even know it was labor, just pregnancy-related. my husband woke up and started getting us ready to go to the hospital. i didnt think it was a big deal, but he didnt want to take any chances (thank goodness). i was in labor, and i couldn't have been any more ready. i was super excited and full of energy (starting out at least). I got the epideral also. I delivered right on time at 2:48 the next day with no complications and no complaints =)

this probably doesn't answer your question much, but i just thought i would share how easy and wonderful my labor experience was.

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answers from New York on

I'd been feeling pretty crappy for the previous month - once the baby dropped, my hip went all out of place and it hurt to walk. And I was having cramps - not BH contractions, more like pre-pre-labor. That got me dilated 1cm and like 70% effaced.

On my due date at about 9:30pm, I felt a lot of wetness, and went to check. I was pretty sure my water had broken, but it wasn't gushing so I wasn't sure. I told my husband, and he wanted to leave right away for the hospital. I said no, I need to try to rest. Well, at 11:30 contractions started. I knew because I'd drift off to sleep, then 6 minutes later wake up in lots of pain. It was surreal. Eventually I gave up on sleeping and we went to the hospital, and my son was born at 1:30 the next day.

I felt as ready as I could be. I'd been feeling progressively worse each day - just exhausted, run-down, crampy - so it was definitely time. I just wish that I could have gotten a couple hours sleep, cause labor is hard enough work without doing in on empty.

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answers from Houston on

All 3 of mine came naturally at 42 wks with none of the symptoms you describe above before hand. In fact the last one - I had no clue - I went to bed normally at 11pm and woke up when my water broke at 4am and the baby was born in the hospital at 5am. Intense contractions after my water broke but no prior warning whatsoever in the days beforehand.

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answers from Albany on

It means you've ALREADY got a baby to take care of, so you're not in such a big ole fat hurry! Tehehe, good luck, keep us posted!

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answers from Phoenix on

All 4 of my kids were born after 40 weeks. I just knew my first child was never coming out! I never felt any contractions before labor started with any of my children. I was very miserable for about 4 weeks before my 1st was born. He was 9lbs 15oz and totally out of room! But something was different the day before my he was born. I felt really bad, almost flu-like. My mother-in-law took one look at me and said, this baby is coming! She was right. I was up at 3am with steady contractions after that. Looking back, I felt very sick for about 12 hours prior to going into labor each time. More than just uncomfortable, but the kind of sick where you just can't do anything - weak, hard time breathing, nauseous, stiff, achey, but no contractions. Good luck with baby #2! :)

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answers from Las Cruces on

Hey A.C. (we have the same initials.lol.) I have only one little girl, but the last few days before she came were tiring, but nothing I couldn'd handle. Don't get me wrong, I was ready for the pregnancy to be over. Even the day my constractions started they were really mild and I still didn't believe I was going to give birth that day. yes, they got worse later, but I was still ok. I was due on the 23 of July 2009 and she was born the 24. So I guess you'll just have to see what happens, but I'm glad your not feeling tooawful yet. Good Luck to you, hope all goes well.

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answers from Stationed Overseas on

I just found out I am pregnant with baby number 2. My son is 5 months old and he was two weeks early. I was sooo huge I looked like I swallowed two basketballs. Being a first time mom I didn't know if I was ready but ready or not he was coming. I went into labor on the 30th of March about 9 p.m. pains were sharp but not too bad. They had me in triage until about 10:30 when the doctor told me I was staying because I was 4 1/2 cm dilated already and contracting every 2-5 minutes. At about 11:30 I got my room and by midnight had my epidural. I was feeling pretty good by then. The next day around 2:30 p.m. I started push (I screamed because my epidural wore off on my left side and I could feel everything) At 2:55 p.m. my son was born. I hemorrhage and lost a pint of blood. Doctors stitched my up with no meds that hurt... after that I went to sleep. But all in all physically I was ready just scared. I am sure you are just not feeling like you did with your first because you know what to look for so you really aren't anxious. lol congrats and good luck to you.

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