Breastfeeding: Toddler, Nuby

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Nursing in Public

Hi ladies! I'm looking for tips on how to nurse discreetly in public places. I have a 4 1/2 month old little boy and nursing at home is going great but I have the hardest time whenever we go out. I just dont know how to do it! I have a nursing cover (The Mommy Cover by Joia) but it doesn't seem to help much. My belly and/or back are always showing and trust me that is not a pretty site! On top of that, my little boy is so squirmy and he's always popping on and off the breast and I have to help him latch on again which isn't very easy...

Pumped Milk

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20 Month Old Daughter Will Not Take Milk from a Cup

My little girl will not drink milk from a cup. We have tried all types of sippy cups with all kinds of characters on them, but she refuses. SHe will drink juice or water from a cup, but n ot milk. We took her pacifier away months ago, hoping that would help, but it didn't. Her doctor was worried about her weight at her 1 yr check up, so she told us not to force they switch from bottle to cup until she put some weight on. She is still small, but not underweight or unhealthy. She chews on the bottle so much that she shreds the nipple. ...