Period After Quiting Breast Feeding?

Updated on February 19, 2010
T.H. asks from Sacramento, CA
6 answers

I haven't got my period since i quit breast feeding my daughter, but i have been on birth control since i had her. is this normal? we also just moved so i am wondering if i should take a peregnancy test or just go to the doctor.
Can any give advice? thanks

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answers from Detroit on

How long has it been? It took about 2 mths after I stopped BF to get me period.



answers from San Francisco on

How long has it been? I too haven't gotten my period since I have stopped breast feeding. It has been about two months for me. With my first daughter I got my period when she was 10 months and I was still nursing her a lot. With my second daughter I never got it because I ended up getting pregnant when she was 10 months old with my third daughter and I was nursing her a lot too. I was actually going to call my doctor to see if I should be concerned, but then some people told me it could just take a while for my body to adjust. I do have a friend that it took her 9 months to get her back after she stopped nursing.



answers from San Francisco on

If you were taking the "mini-pill" you should have switched to the full-strength one once you stopped nursing or you could already be pregnant again... that's how a friend of mine ended up with a 3rd kiddo!



answers from Dallas on

How long has it been since you stopped breastfeeding? It may take a little longer than normal for your body to adjust after stopping breastfeeding if you are on birth control.



answers from San Francisco on

Depends what kind of birth control you are on also.



answers from Sacramento on

Lucky you... I got mine while I was still breast feeding and that sucked! Smile. However, depending on the birth control that you are using you might not have a period or it might be months between them. I was on depo and stopped having them all together (which was good for me.. no more pain etc.). If in doubt then go get a test and take it. You are probably ok though.

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