Breastfeeding: Toddler, Hydrocortisone

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21 Month Son Has Dry Patches/small Bumps on Skin

My son was born with tiny bumps on the back of his arms (like mommy). Now, his back is so dry and after bath, the skin on his back turns very red. I use johnson & johnson head to toe soap-free wash and use A LOT of lotion to sooth his dry patches on back. The doctor told me it was excema on his arms so we reguarly use cream for that too. He does not scratch or act bothered but the redness after a bath and the dryness concerns me. Any ideas?

Breast Milk Supply & Production

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19 Month Old with Food & Environmenal Allergies- Help!

I finally had my daughter allergy tested and found out she is allergic to milk, eggs, nuts, dogs, and cats. Just to name a few. She even had a reaction to saline. Out of 18 prick tests, she was allergic to all but 2. So now I know she can have Soybean and Wheat. What now? She has severe eczema as well. She breaks out if we go swimming. Her skin has to be completely covered if we're playing outside, as she reacts to the grass. Sunscreen irritates her skin. My allergy doctor told me to bathe her everyday for at least 15- 20 minutes so that...