Breastfeeding: Toddler, Medela

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Need Advice About Breast Feeding

I have a 2 1/2 month old daughter that I've been breastfeeding since birth. I'm going on a trip for 10 days and was planning on just having her bottle fed for the 10 days and then continue with the breast feeding when I get back. Is this a possibility? I had a really hard time getting her to take the bottle at least once a day so she can get used to it before my trip, but now she is and totally refuses my breast. I'm very confused and wonder why... My doctor said she has Thrush and it hurts her...Now I'm at a loss and don't know if I'm...

Breast Milk Supply & Production

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Ideas to Increase Milk Production ...

I just returned to work after 6 wonderful weeks with my son. I'm pumping on a regular basis while at work and breastfeeding when at home. (When pumping, I'm getting about 2 oz -- total.) However, I don't know if I can keep up on the supply for while I'm away from him. Any ideas/suggestions of how I can increase my milk production is appreciated? Thanks in advance!

Pumped Milk

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Ameda vs Medela Pump

I bought the Ameda pump and have only been able to pump a maximum of 1.5 oz with it, regardless of when I pump. I'm wondering if the Medela Pump N Style would pump more milk? Has anyone tried both pumps and noticed a difference in output?


Medela Pump Tubing

I have the In Style breast pump from Medela. I'm having a hard time...