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Breast Pump- to Rent or Buy?

J.S. asks from Dallas

I am trying to decide if i should buy or rent a breast pump. We are going to have more childern so maybe buying makes more sense but I don't plan on breast feeding o...


Breast Pump

P.Q. asks from New York

Which is the best breast pump on the market?


Breast Pump?

C.P. asks from Columbus

Could I get some recommendations for the best affordable breast pump? Also, I don't know too much about breast feeding I want to pump and supplement with formula. Is ...


Breast Pump

N.M. asks from Omaha

My husband and I just went and registered at BabiesRus and I was wondering if I should register for a breast pump right away and hope that breast feeding works for me...


Breast Pump - to Buy or Rent from Hospital??

S.T. asks from Denver

So I'm due with my first baby in about 4 weeks and plan to breastfeed. I've heard differing opinions about buying a breast pump vs. renting one from the hospital? Wha...


Breast Pump

B.S. asks from San Diego

I am interested in purchasing a breast pump and I wanted to get the opinion of other moms on pumps that work well without costing too much money. I don't work outside...


Breast Pump

J.E. asks from Rockford

I'm pregnant, due in 2 months and want to get a breast pump. I'll be staying at home with my baby, so don't feel that I need a heavy duty breast pump. I see so many r...


Breast Pump

N. asks from Chicago

Hi I wanted to know if anyone has Medela breast pump in style to sell. I am really looking for one .Any other recommendations are welcome.


Breast Pump.

K.K. asks from Albuquerque

I want to invest in a good breast pump. I had bought one at target when i had my first baby, but It was awful. Poor quality. it was hard to use and it was messy. so...


Breast Pump

T.C. asks from Detroit

What breast pump do you recommend? I was thinking about the medela but using avent bottles. The lady at the store said avent bottles have more nipple options than m...