Breastfeeding: Toddler, Safeway

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!St Time Moms Breast Feeding Troubles

Hi moms Im doing some research on Breast feeding. Most of the moms I know all thought it would come easy and it didnt. If anyone would like to share thier story with me to help other new moms not feel alone, I would love to hear them and share them. Your name will not be included. Thanks for your help and kindness

Breast Milk Supply & Production

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Increase Milk Production?

Does anyone know of any bonafide advice for increasing my milk supply. I have a 10 wk. old daughter and I am going to be going back to work three days per week and I want to do everything possible to ensure that she gets to breastfeed for 6 solid months. I know that there are "tricks", certain foods, etc. for increasing milk supply but I can't seem to find any specifics. Has anyone every tried any that worked for them? Thanks. M.

Pumped Milk

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FT Mother of 7 Month Old and Not Producing Enough Milk

I have been back to work for four (4) months now and pumping has been okay for the most part, lately i have been having so much problems at work that work has become stressful and it is now affecting my milk supply. I used to be able to pump 20 oz during an 8 hour shift, now I am luck if I get 10 oz. Any recommendations? I am taking fenugreek, drinking mothers tea and pumping every 2 hours if possible to get my milk supply up. I tried giving my 7 month old son formula this past three days and he will start to take it, stops eating makes...


When Should I Pump?

My 2nd son is 3 weeks old and I would like to start pumping so my husband...


How to Pump

I have a really nice Medela pump that was given to me. My 3m old is...