How to Pump

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L.R. asks from Kansas City

Ok - so I am having baby #2. I formula fed my first child. This time, I am debating between formula and pumping. I know the advantages of pumping and providing my bab...



J.G. asks from Columbus

Does anyone else have problems pumping? I've returned back to work after having my second baby, and usually have to pump at least once, possibly twice during the day...



N.H. asks from Odessa

I am 7 months pregnant. I was wondering what pumps work and how soon can you start pumping. I will be able to stay with my home with my son for about 4 weeks, then I ...



N.H. asks from Los Angeles

While using a breast pump , is it unusual for your nipple to bleed & get a tiny blood blister? If this occurs, how long should you wait to try pumping again? My milk...



S.T. asks from New York

I gave birth 6 weeks ago. I am breastfeeding and also supplementing with formula. (They had to give him formula while in the hospital because his blood sugar was to l...



L.J. asks from Tampa

Hi ladies!!! I have been pumping now for months. It's never been easy. In order to have let-down, I have to massage, gently stroke and shake my breasts. Sometimes ...



E.L. asks from Kansas City

My baby is 1 week old today. I tried nursing, but it was not working. I told my ped that I a strictly pumping. They seem to think that I will not be able to supply e...



S.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hello! My baby is almost 3 weeks old and I will be going back to work at 12 weeks. Right now Anders is breastfeeding, but I would like to introduce him to a bottle so...


Advice on Pumping

H.W. asks from Philadelphia

I am begining to come to terms with the fact that I have to go back to work in 8 weeks. I need to up my supply of stored milk because m son WILL NOT drink formula. ...


Pumping & Working-- Best Tips?

K.B. asks from New York

HI Gals! I'll be headed back to work in two weeks and will begin the pumping process. I'm currently breastfeeding our 2nd daughter who is 9 weeks old now. She'll b...