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Using Cabbage to Dry Breasts

U.G. asks from Salt Lake City

If I use cabbage leaves to dry my breasts, will i have sufficient milk on the next baby? Any experience? Please help me.


Use of Cabbage to Stop Nursing

J. asks from Las Vegas

I need to know the correct way to use cabbage to have my milk supply dry up. I want to stop breast feeding. Can anyone help.


How to Do the Cabbage Leaf Thing

J.B. asks from Houston

Hey Moms, I just finished nursing, three days ago after progressively nursing less and less over the course of a month, yeah! He weaned like a champ and is on to bi...


Stopping to Breastfeed and Cabbage Leaves

G.E. asks from Raleigh

It has come time to stop breastfeeding. I have heard that putting cabbage leaves against the breast will make this process go more smoothly and quickly. I read someth...



M.B. asks from Melbourne

I'm 7 weeks preg w my 4th child (SO NOT PLANNED) and i have high risk preg. On top of which I was recently diagnosed w a threatened miscarriage and advised to rest an...


Will Cabbage Leaves Help?

J.S. asks from Wausau

Hi, My baby girl is turning one today! (I think I'm gonna cry all day!) We are still breastfeeding. I said I was going to quit when she turned one because I wou...


Does Cabbage Really Help Dry up Your Milk?

R.H. asks from Jacksonville

does anyone know the best/fastest way to dry up? it has been 48 hours since i last nursed or pumped and this is torture there has got to be a better way please help


How to Dry up Breastmilk

K.H. asks from Salt Lake City

I have pumped my breast milk every day for a little over 4 months now. I have a bunch of milk supply in the freezer. I am tired and want dry my breast milk up. Doe...


When Will I Dry Up?

J.T. asks from Fort Collins

I have an daughter that will be 1 on June 28th. She has weaned herself from nursing. That is very nice. However, I don't remember how long it takes for the milk to...


How to Dry up Milk Supply

L.B. asks from Billings

I just had my baby girl a week ago and we found out she wont drink breast milk or milk based formula so I had to switch to soy formula. So now I'm trying to get my m...