Mother's Milk Tea

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Mother's Milk Tea

A.H. asks from Dallas

How long does it take for Mother's Milk Tea to increase your milk supply? How many cups a day should I drink?



M.L. asks from Cleveland

sorry, first i'm from up north, second, I think I am a "super taster" there is no way I can handle the bitterness of Coffee. So I dont' drink coffee or tea. just s...


Mother's Milk Nursing Tea

R.A. asks from Los Angeles

I just bought this tea because I want to build up my milk supply for when I pump at work. Currently, I pump anywhere between 5 oz. - 11 oz. a day at work (I pump 3 t...


Reaction to Blessed Thistle and Mother's Milk Tea?

J.S. asks from Chicago

Hi, I'm trying to increase my milk supply so last night I took blessed thistle, fenugreek, and mother's milk tea. I woke up in the middle of the night and nearly pass...


Organic Mother's Milk Tea - Safe or Not?

B.C. asks from New York

Hello ladies. I am trying to increase my milk supply a bit, and someone recommended that I drink Mother's Milk tea. I had a cup yesterday evening for the first ti...


Could My Baby Be Having an Adverse Reaction to Mother's Milk Tea?

M.B. asks from Chicago

I have been breastfeeding exclusivly for 5 months. I work full time and pump during the day. Recently I saw a decrease in my output when pumping so I started drinki...


Seeking Advice on Expressed Breast Milk and Mother's Milk Tea

K.M. asks from Portland

My 8 week old infant was taking the bottle (with expressed breast milk) fairly well, but does not seem interested now. I am panicking a bit since I return to work soo...


Earth Mama Mother's Milk Tea

L.H. asks from Detroit

If you've used this tea before, how many bags did it take until you noticed an improvement in milk production? The box doesn't give recommended dosages (how many cups...


Mothers Milk Tea

K.F. asks from Portland

Hi My baby is having trouble gaining weight while i'm breastfeeding and the docter recommends I use Mothers Milk Tea or Fenugreek to help increase my milk supply. ...


Pregnancy Tea and Mothers Milk Tea

D.M. asks from Washington DC

I am pregnant - just 5 weeks along. I have bought some Pregnancy tea, but I do not see my OB until 8 weeks - I read conflicting things about its safety. Has anyone us...