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L.N. asks from New York

My 6 yrs old came down with yet another cold (2nd one in 1 month). she is completely stuffy and has a history of ear infections due to sinus infections due to colds. ...


Trying to Avoid Taking a Decongestant

J.C. asks from Cleveland

For the past few years I lived in New Orleans, which meant a relatively mild cold/flu season. I have moved back to Ohio and from what I can remember, and starting to...


Decongestant and Milk Supply

S.J. asks from Boston

I seem to have caught my preschooler's cold and took two doses of a decongestant yesterday. The nurse at my OB/GYN said the med I'm taking is safe for nursing--I hav...


Best OTC Antihistamine to Use

S.S. asks from Columbia

My allergies are going crazy!!! I am breastfeeding so my doctor recommended I not take my usual Zyrtec because it shows up in breast milk. I have been taking Benadr...


Milk Supply

L.A. asks from New York

just wondering if anyone knows if taking over the counter meds like robitussin can effect milk supply


Milk Supply

A.M. asks from Columbus

My son was born in October, I had a great milk supply going until I went back to work. I only worked for 4 weeks and now I'm a stay at home mom. While I was working ...


Milk Supply

M.M. asks from Chicago

I have an 11 week old baby and just returned to work last week. My son only drinks the pumped milk from my breast and I also supplement with formula. Since my return ...


Diminishing Supply

S.M. asks from Fargo

I have returned to work and i am pumping during the day. My supply has gone down from 4oz each side to 2oz each side 4 times a day. I dont know what i can do or is ...



D.R. asks from Minneapolis

I have been taking a complete women's multivitamin for what seems like a hundred years and have to choke them down almost nightly. I usually have no problem with la...


I'm Having Trouble with Decreased Milk Supply.

T.F. asks from Spartanburg

Hello Moms I was breastfeeding and doing well until my milk supply just went belly up. I can't even get 1oz.I was pumping and feeding, but everytime I set down to br...