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My 12 Year Old Being Bullied at School

My 12 year old son came home from school very emotional. He did not want to tell us what happened. He finally did tell us that he was pushed to the ground and hit by 3 boys at school. Then he told us that he didn't know who the boys were. Finally he admiditted that he did know who the boys were, but he didn't want to tell us who the were. We did get him to tell us, but now we are not sure were to take this. He was obviously afraid that we would take action and make things worse for him with these boys. Should we call the parents of these ...


Names for Are Baby!

*EDIT*So I am currently 3 months in and we need want baby names for a...

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11 Year Old Boy "Dating"

OK - I need some guidance. I have an 11 year old boy who's very interested in girls. I have always been as open & honest with him in regards to anything he has ever wanted to ask. He's at the age were everyone is "going out" with someone. What/if anything could/should I allow him to do with girls? I don't wanna be overprotective, but I also in NO means want to seem as though I am encouraging sexual activity.....Anyone out there already been or currently going through this??


Boy Baby Names

I am trying to come up with some different baby names for a boy. I don't...