Just Found Out Im Having a Baby Boy! I Need Names.

Updated on July 26, 2008
D.C. asks from Jasper, AL
18 answers

I am having a boy and I had myself convinced that it was a girl. So I have no names picked. Please help. I bought a book but most of the names are crazy.

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So What Happened?

I had a beautiful baby boy and his name is Caiden Jayce.

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answers from Shreveport on

I always had my heart set on Sean Luke for a son. Husband don't like it so we have choosen a different one. Can't share it or it wouldn't be original when I do have my little boy.

Sean Luke
Blaine Michael
Blake Ashton

Those are just 3 I like. Good luck hun. Let us know what you decide.



answers from Knoxville on

How about an unusual name like:
Bramwell Quentin

I have a friend & he is 4 years old, & loves his name.

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answers from Memphis on

Everyone's tastes will be a little different, so I hesitate to make name suggestions, but perhaps answering some questions can help steer you in the right direction.

Since you had some girls' names picked out, could you "masculinize" those?

What about your husband's, father's or father-in-law's name? Or the name of a family friend or other family member? My oldest son has my father's middle name and my FIL's first name; my younger son's middle names is the same as my husband's.

What about Bible names? While many are common, some are not--and almost all of them can easily be spelled. That was one of my requirements--that my kids wouldn't have to always be spelling their names. You may not feel that way. You may also have a favorite name from a book or TV show.

What about making your name, or the name of some female in your family or among your friends masculine? "D." can become "Daniel."

There are many websites where you can look up names by their meanings, so if you have something in mind for a good meaning, you can go from there. (For instance, "Matthew" means "Gift of God.") You could combine this and another technique, by finding out what are the meanings of names (such as your husband's) and then seeing what other names have the same or similar meaning.

You could perhaps limit your search to a certain letter or a few letters. For instance, you could have your son's initials be the same as your daughter's, or your father's or grandfather's.

You could also on some websites pick how the name ends--for instance, -el names could be Daniel, Nathaniel, Samuel, etc.

If you want to make sure your son won't be one of five kids with the same name in school, I'd suggest looking at "top baby names" lists and eliminating all of the most popular ones.

Good luck!

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answers from Mobile on

Well I like the names Daniel, Miles, Taylor, Ashton and Kade or Kaden which ever you prefer. But these are just a few that I personally like, hope it helps. Thanks a bunch!!



answers from Fayetteville on

I love the names Dylan, Blake, Trevor...as well as Micah, Eli, Caleb, Nathan. There are alot of great boy names! I'm sure something will come to you after you get over the shock! :-)



answers from Dothan on

I named my oldest Gabe. This name is not very common, we have only ran into a couple. Caleb is my second boy, we have found that his name is extremely common, esp among younger children now. I like Sawyer and Payton and call him "Pate".



answers from Tuscaloosa on

Congrats, I have two boys. Our first is Andrew,pretty common and a family name.

My husband found our second one's name by chance.

**Braden**, middle Alexander, not common and have only met two other Braden's.




answers from Birmingham on


I also just found out I was having a boy...after I was convinced it was a girl. We are having a tough time deciding (agreeing) on a name also. Here is my list:

Trent ( my husbands fav)



answers from Huntsville on

A friend of mine just told me a great name I hadn't heard in a while. "Price". I like different names though. I also like Harrison and Blake.
Hope it helps.



answers from Chattanooga on

This is such a personal preference issue but a few names I have liked are: Wyatt, Harris, Miller, Jensen, Beck (we were going to use this one if our last baby was a boy---it came from a mountain climber named Beck Weathers who wrote a book about climbing Mt. Everest). Another one I heard and liked is Hugh---a girl I know named her daughter this with the spelling Hue (as in a hue of color). I guess I am partial to unique names that aren't too out there. Good luck deciding because if your husband is like mine he'll probably reject the majority of the names you come up with.



answers from Little Rock on

Lots to pick from: here are my boys: caleb evan, and joshua david. I liked christopher brian, brayden, cayden, and luke! let us know what you pick!




answers from Huntsville on

Our 13 year old girl was going to be Sean Michael if she were a boy. Our 9 year old girl was going to be Julian Alexander (which we used on our 3 year old son), our 20 month old son is Gage Burton Wayne. We had the fear that our youngest could have been multiples because it skipped a generation in my family, should have been my mom's generation but no one had multiples (didn't find this out about the generation skip until after I had our 3 year old). The other names we had picked out for him were Christopher Wayne (which as you can see we tacked the Wayne on for a second middle name), and Mason Azure. If you find interest in any of them, you are welcome to them.



answers from Jonesboro on

Congrats D.!!! Aol has a baby name a day email you can sign up for.It helped me. It gives a different name everyday along with the origin and things like that.I have a Megan Renee,Jacob William,Jared Allen,and recently I added Brandon Jeremy to the bunch.Good luck!



answers from Dothan on

Congrats on your new little boy. Let me start off by saying Good Luck: Boys are a challenge compared to a sweet little girl! I have a 5 year old girl and a 22 month old boy, both are the lights of my life. We had a hard time deciding on a name for our little boy, we couldn't agree on ANYTHING. I liked "Kyler, Aiden,Chandler, and Brannon" He liked Luke, Harrison, Logan, and Bronson. We ended up using a combo: one name each of us liked. We ended using LOGAN CHANDLER, and it fits hime perfectly. Hope all goes well. I would love to hear what you finally come up with, there have been some great suggestions so far.

Logan Chandler (22 months)
Kaylin Alexis (5 Years)



answers from Chattanooga on

Well, you weren't too specific about what you thought was crazy or what you thought was somewhat acceptable, which would help guide the advice you receive here.

I have a daughter and two stepkids. Their names are Annalise Lenore, Chandler James and Olivia LeighAnn. Chandler and Olivia were names after their parents' favorite TV characters (Olivia from the Cosby show and Chandler from Friends).

My daughter's name, Annalise, is one I researched for my medieval persona for the SCA when I was an active member. It's origin is German (as I have German heritage). The spelling for my persona was actually Anneliese, but my husbands preferred the spelling Annalise, so we went with that. Her middle name, Lenore, just hit me the day after I had her and I suggested it to her daddy and he loved it. We both love Edgar Allen Poe's work, so Lenore seemed fitting. We wanted names that were uncommon, but normal enough not to get the child harassed.

My suggestion is to read articles about baby naming and see what their suggestions are. Make a list of all the names you're drawn to, whether they are from articles, books, works of literature, or people you know. Look over your list and determine if there are any things that the names have in common (certain letter combinations or sounds, all begin or end with certain letters, all are of the same country of origin, etc.) Consider your heritage (I had several to choose from) and see if there are any names that strike your fancy.

For the record, my husband's a Stewart Arthur, my brother's Michael Scott, my dad's Paul Mark, and my close friends' names include: Douglas Michael, Andrew Patrick, and Christopher Patrick. As you can see, many very common names.

Good luck!

Here are some sources to try:



answers from Tuscaloosa on

I like Aiden, and Seth.



answers from Texarkana on

We named our son after both of our dads: Charles Cary. We call him Chance because we don't really care for either name-lol. Anyway, we liked Maximillian (nicknamed Max) after a saint we thought a lot of. I also like Luke (Lucas), Gabe (Gabriel), and Zack.

I have a daughter named Alexandra, whom I named Alex because we never could quite figure out the sex by ultrasound (she was shy). Anyway, it worked great while pregnant, but I have since found out that ALL Alex's are very headstrong. Good thing in an adult, but parenting an Alex can be a challenge (lol).

Good luck and God Bless!

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