After School Care: Teen

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After School Care Ideas?

Hi Mamas! I work full time and my kids are too old for “day care” and now involved in after school activities such as club swim. My parents have been helping me out with transporting my kids to various activities after school for a couple of years. However, they are aging and need to start looking at other options. I have posted a job on Sitter City for a babysitter to help me out for a couple hours a day in the afternoon. However, I have not had much luck with responses. Additionally, I have tried looking at carpooling options; but...

Occasional Sitters & Drop-in Centers

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Drop-In Childcare in Chicago

My husband purchased these Mystic Blue dinner cruise tickets a year ago. We weren't able to go then, and they expire next week. We cannot get a refund. If we are to use the tickets, we absolutely have to go the weekend of July 17/18, 2010. We don't have anyone available here at home to babysit & would like to know if there are any drop-in childcare services in Chicago near the Navy Pier area. I've tried an online search and cannot find anything. Are there any childcare services like this available in Chicago? We would only need them for a...