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P.B. asks from St. Louis

how much is the going rate for babysitting i have a 14 yr. old who wants to start and wants to be pd. a fair wage. thanks!



C.B. asks from Kansas City

Hi moms. I have a 15 year old daughter who has been babysitting for over a year now. She charges $5 an hour for one child, but doesn't know how much she should charge...



S.W. asks from New York

How much do babysitters (18 year old comming to your house) charge per hour? We live in staten island new york??



H.D. asks from San Francisco

OY! My husband and I just went on a "date", something we haven't done in a long time, and our babysitter charged $20 an hour for two children, a total of $80 for the ...



L.R. asks from Boston

Hi all: I was wondering at what age you think a teenager is responsible enough to babysit. There's a girl up the street who's 13 and taken the course. She's grea...



M.S. asks from Chicago

I am a single mom with very little local family support. I have just started a relationship and would like to have an older teenager/young adult that I can call when...


Babysitting Rates

D. asks from Chicago

Hi, I'd like to know what the present babysitting rates are. I have no idea ! Thanks!


Babysitting Charges

L.B. asks from Cleveland

I have 2 children. I have a very responsible teenager that I'm looking to use as a babysitter, but I don't know what is an approriate hourly rate. I've asked her how ...


Babysitting Rates

K.Y. asks from Chicago

Hello moms. I was curious what the current babysitting rates are in the Chicago southwest suburbs? I have two boys, 2-1/2 years and 8 months. All our sitters so far...


Drop-in Daycare in Plano/Allen

R. asks from Dallas

I need a Daycare that will accept drop-ins in the Plano/Allen area (East side of 75). We have a 3 year old daughter who needs some playmates. We just moved here and...