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Updated on July 15, 2010
A.S. asks from Toledo, OH
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My husband purchased these Mystic Blue dinner cruise tickets a year ago. We weren't able to go then, and they expire next week. We cannot get a refund. If we are to use the tickets, we absolutely have to go the weekend of July 17/18, 2010. We don't have anyone available here at home to babysit & would like to know if there are any drop-in childcare services in Chicago near the Navy Pier area. I've tried an online search and cannot find anything. Are there any childcare services like this available in Chicago? We would only need them for a few hours.


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Tick Tock child care is drop-off whenever you want, but it is in Northfield.I have a friend who used Tick Tock and had a good experience, but I don't know if they have other centers closer to Chicago.


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I would maybe check into a nanny service, they do have one time nanny services I used to work for North Shore Nannies in Evanston (BmoB-before my own baby), I know they have a service fee (no idea what that would be) and at least when I was working there I got paid $12/hour....not the cheapest option, but an option.



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i agree with sitter city...especially in the summer...tons of teachers and college students!



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I would LOVE drop in child care, but I have not found any since moving to Chicago.

What I would suggest is sitter city. I know that is kind of scary, but I have had good results with them. Most are college students who want some extra income. Just check references.
Just post that you need childchare for whatever times and that your expectation is that they will do xyz with the kid(s). not sure of ages and the time of your cruise, but Navy Pier is awesome for kids. There's an imax theater, mini-golf, the HUGE ferris wheel, build-a-bear and the children's museum.
You could just have the sitter meet you at the boarding dock, play with the kids and then meet you at whatever time your cruise is over.
Or - check with your hotel, depending on where you stay they might have a babysitting service.

Have fun!

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