Weight Gain After Hysterectomy & Wii Fit Vs. My Fitness Coach to Reverse/curb It

Updated on January 31, 2009
L.W. asks from Tiffin, OH
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Hey there Mamas!!

Back in October, I had a partial hysterectomy. Ever since then, I have been gaining weight. I am very weight conscious so this is driving me nuts!! Has anyone else experienced weight gain from this?? I was on the pill up until the surgery and I always thought the pill caused weight gain (which it did not for me). I wouldn't have thought getting off of it would cause weight gain. So, I would be interested in hearing anyone's views on the weight gain caused by hysterectomy or getting off the pill.

Now, onto my second question. I want to combat this problem with exercise. So, what is everyone's views on Wii Fit vs. My Fitness Coach? While looking online for Wii Fit, I came across the My Fitness Coach which seems to have very high reviews and is much cheaper.

Thanks for all of your help/input!!

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answers from Lima on

I too had a partial hysterectomy and have also gained the unwanted weight!
I'm trying everything from counting calories, to increasing exercising, to wishing I could just cut it all off!! hahahaha
I still have not found any solutions.
I've thought about getting the Wii Fit but since I'm laid off and we only have the one income right now I'm waiting to see if anyone else has had any good outcomes!
Until then.....it's walking with my boxer and extra exercises!!
Good luck!
Patiently waiting to hear from everyone else.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I know that My Fitness Coach uses the Wii balance board. I don't know if you can get the board separately. I have Wii fit and love it. The down side is that I can't just put together a routine and just go through it. I have to keep picking up the Wii remote. I haven't tried the Fitness Coach yet.




answers from Indianapolis on

I love my Wii fit and I have the Gillian Michaels game and think it is cool too. It gives you a solid routine to follow and you don't have to stop. Also, you can use the game without the fit board and it is just as effective. I wouldn't say I have lost all my weight on the fit board but it helps me keep track of my progress and changes things up so I don't get board. You may also want to see a web site called Spark People. It is kind of like a weight loss Facebook. It will set up a routine and has a nutrition calculator that I find realle helpful. If nothing else, it helps me stay on track with my food intake and tracks how you have done over x amount of time. Good luck



answers from Cleveland on

i had a partial his too and after two years i started losing weight.It takes a little while for your body to adjust. Hang in there!



answers from Cleveland on

I find it a lot harder to lose weight being off the pill. I had my tubes tied with my 2nd child and therefore went off the pill. Ugg, it seems as if an extra 10 pounds has creeped on and won't come off.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I love my Wii fit and if I would actually use it on a regular basis I'm sure I would be having much more luck than I am



answers from Dayton on

They are both good workouts. The fit probably takes a little longer too get through a routine because it is broken up more. The fitness coach gives you a lot of options to tailor your workout more for you. The fit is more fitness while playing games (makes things more fun) and the fitness coach is more of an exercise routine. So it just depends on what motivates you. For me it just depends on what mood I'm in.



answers from Columbus on

I don't know about the My Fitness Coach. I have friends that use the Wii. The whole family is overweight and playing the Wii has really motivated them to do it every day. I think if you want to shed the pounds, it might be better if you found a program that incorporates healthy eating habits and exercising together.



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi L.-
I can't really comment on the hysterectomy since I still have my parts :). But, I do have a Wii Fit and LOVE it. The aerobics is wonderful as well as the yoga. It is also a "fun" game for the family, so while the cost is a bit high, it serves more than 1 purpose. I started out with the walking portion, and have moved up to the aerobics and yoga. But the balance activites are super fun and our 2 1/2 year old is even getting in the on the fun! I have not tried My Fitness Coach, so I don't have any comparison, but for me, the Wii Fit is a winner! Goodluck!. P.s. If you do go with the Wii Fit, I have heard horrible things about Jillian Michaels game for it. I was going to buy it, did some research on it, and was glad I did!

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