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Updated on April 27, 2010
B.D. asks from Waxahachie, TX
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I am currently dropping about $65 a month for a gym membership we very rarely use. I would like to work out on my own schedule which would be about 4:30 a.m. or 10 at night, neither of these time available at my gym. We have a Wii and I know there are several different "games" out there for it for working out. Which one is best? Which one has given you good results? I am looking to lose my post baby bulge, about 15 to 20 lbs if possible. I know I need both cardio and weight training to do this effectively. I would also like something that my husband could use also, as we both need to loose the weight. We are working on healthier meals and snacks but that alone won't change our waist lines. Please share any and all experiences you have had losing weight with the Wii.

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answers from Dallas on

We have the Wii Sports, Sports Resort, Fit and Fit Plus. Each are fun, and get you moving. Right now my favorite is Just Dance. That is a good workout, even if it wasn't intended to be.

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answers from Dallas on

I know you are asking about the Wii but I thought I'd throw this in. My husband and I just cancelled our gym membership and are working out at home doing the P90X. We've been doing it for 2 weeks and it is awesome. We found the DVD set on Craigslist for about $60. It works better for our schedule and it's actualy a lot of fun to do together.



answers from Dallas on

You have many responses, but speaking from someone who has only had the wii fit plus for 2 weeks, I LOVE IT! You can set it up how you want it, great for older children (about ages 4 and up). My kids love all the games on it as well as I do. It also has Yoga and strength training, and also games to help your balance and aerobics. It has a step program on there, where you set it up for how ever long you want, then you can watch TV while steppin. Hope this helps!



answers from Seattle on

I have the Wii Fit and the Biggest Looser. I love the Biggest Looser, it is great! The workouts are great and there are a lot to choose from. It is compatable with the Fit board. I don't at all like the Wii Fit, the game itself is a waste of $ for a fitness regime.... it is way more for fun or maybe for a very inactive person who needs to move a little. The Yoga on it sucks! You risk injuring yourself while you strain to do the postion as well as see the screen... I strained my neck doing it. The wii fit board is great to have though. My advice is go to a video rental store and rent a few games and see which one fits with your plan. If you go with the Biggest Looser, then definately invest in the wii fit board too which you can get seperate from the wii fit game. The biggest looser also has healthy recipes and tips on it too :)



answers from State College on

I like wii fit plus. I love that you can set a routine on that one for as little or as long as you want using the yoga and strenght exercises. It can also tell where your weight is balanced on the board to help see if you are doing it right. The cardio- boxing, hula hoop and step are fun and especially the boxing on it I can feel is a work out. Step will keep track and let you watch tv, which is kind of nice. It also has several short programs where you can pick what you want to work on and it will run 3-4 activities in a row.

Another thing not related to the wii, but I love having a thera or exercise ball. I've even used to it to just sit on as a desk chair or while watching tv, since I will usually keep moving a little then and it does help work your core. Many other great exercises you can do on it of course too and it is a lot of fun.



answers from Dallas on

We have several different programs that my husband and I use. Our favorite is the EA Sports System. We bought it at Sam's since we could get at pack with the extra accessories. It includes a leg strap for the Nunchuk and a fitness band. You can customize your own program or use one of their preset ones. If you have the Balance Board it also works with that. My husband and I can work out together and he really enjoys the workouts. Another "game" I have is My Fitness Coach. I really enjoy this for more of a strength training workout and you can use weights, balance board, and a fitness ball with it. Then we have the Wii Resort and Wii Fit Plus. These give us good variety.

Good luck and have fun!



answers from Jacksonville on

I have the EA Active and LOVE it. There are pre-programmed workouts and you don't need the balance board. When I bought it a few months ago it was $40.



answers from Dallas on

I have also heard from several of my friends that the Jillian Michaels one from the Biggest looser will kick your butt. I think I am gonna get it for myself.



answers from Kansas City on

get the Wii fit plus it's a great workout and has yoga strength training and fun balancing games you will have to get the fit board



answers from Boise on

I have been told that the Jillian Michael's "biggest loser" can kick your butt. I am waiting to get mine until I am at least 6 months post delivery so that I'm not tempted to over do it.



answers from Cleveland on

I do not have the Wii but I know you can go on amazon.com and do a side by side review of the products and see what others have said about it!



answers from Boston on

Hello B.,

My husband and I bought a Wii and the Wii Fit attachments. I've lost 15 lbs since January by eating healthy and doing my workouts when my daughters are down for their nap. I never thought it would be possible, but it can be if you put your mind to it.

We were in the same boat. I wanted to join a gym, but refused to spend the $$$. This way, as you suggested, if you go with the Wii, your whole family can join in on the fun.

Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

I agree with Donita, I have the EA Active and it works all of the muscle groups. I was sore for two days after one of the 30 minute sessions. It's very very good. They have the original wii workout that comes with the system but now they have an upgrade that includes 19 other workouts for an additional 20 dollars I believe.

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