Water for a One Year Old.

Updated on May 10, 2007
L.O. asks from Sterling Heights, MI
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My daughter is 16 months old. She drinks whole milk. The pediatrician said she should get about16 ounces aday- which she does. She also drinks water in a cup. Does anyone know how much water a 1 year old should drink? She doesnt like juice- so all she get is water and milk. I know adults are supposed to get 8 glasses of water a day- how much water do babies need??

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answers from Detroit on

I asked a nutritionist that same question a while back. She said that my daughter should get about 3 servings of dairy a day (doesn't all necessarily have to be milk), about 4 - 6 oz of juice (Juicy Juice has a new veggie/fruit juice that my kids seem to really enjoy) and as much water as she will drink. She never gave me a definite amount on the water, she just said to give her as much as she will drink.


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answers from Saginaw on

My ped told me when my daughter turned one. Three glasses of milk a day, so breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then she can have water the rest of the time she is thirsty in between. He said if you want to give her juice only to give her one glass a day on that. You are lucky your daughter likes water, mine hates it. I have to give her flavored water to get her to drink anything besides milk or juice.



answers from Lansing on

A call to your Pediatricians Nurse would get you the exact info for your daughter. Our Pediatrician told us 20-24 ounces of milk at that age otherwise water. But we had a preemie.
Hope this helps!



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My pediatrician told me that they should be drinking more water than milk even. I was kind of surprised by that. He said as a good rule of thumb: 1 cup of milk at breakfast, 1 cup of juice at lunch and water all the rest of the time. If kids get use to drinking water early, then they will have no problem drinking it. When my son was about 18 mos. I started filling my fridge w/bottled waters and to this day, that is still the first thing he pulls out of the fridge!



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Rule of them is how many Oz to their age, so at 1 year she should get 12 oz.. or at least try...



answers from Kalamazoo on

Here is a link you can go to. All you have to do is enter your daughters weight and it will tell you how many ounces she needs to drink per day. I just did this last week for my 3 1/2 year old cause I was wondering the same thing.




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Drink to thrist. Sometimes we need more and sometimes less. Just keep it available all the time!

Best of Mothering, M.



answers from Detroit on

from everything I have read, you are supposed to take the persons weight and divide it in half, drink that many ounces. So if your daughter weights 20lbs, she should drink 10oz. But I would just call the pediatricians office and ask, I call my kids doctor all the time when I am not 100% sure about something. Good luck.

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