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Water Babies Swim Lesson Is It SAFE

Read all 5 responses: "I was wondering if water babies swim classes are safe. I have heard that their not safe because of water being swallowed by babies ...

When Is It Okay to Give a Infant Water?

I have read online that you should not give a baby water until after 12 months. However, I have also read that many people give babies water before 12 ...

Need Advice for Babies with Colic

The Vaccum....sounds crazy but the noise soothes them. Gripe water worked for several of my friends but Mylicon always worked magic for me and my babies! ...

Colic Calm Gripe Water Product?

After taking the Zantac he was a happy new baby. I tried the gripe water after he was about 6 months. It did not work at all. The zantac was the only thing ...

Gas trouble...gripe Water??

I have a wonderful doula who told me about gripe water. She said not to buy gripe water at a pharmacy or other store (babies R us) because some brands do ...

Seeking Experience and Answers with Premature Water Break at 26 Weeks

My water broke on Baby A's sac at 26 weeks. I was on complete hospital bedrest until I gave birth. My boys weighed 3lb 3oz 17 1/2 inches and 3lbs 2oz 15 1/2 ...

Feeding 6Mth Water

Water is not recommended for infants, especially breastfed babies. Water fills babies up without giving them any nutrients. Table salt would certainly not ...

Water Birth And/or Hypno-birthing

Baby #1 was a natural birth, but the most painful part was when I was in the bed instead of my labor tub. I'm wondering how your water birth went and what ...

Seeking Mom's of Babies Born at or Before 34 Weeks

My sis-in-law's water broke at 29 weeks and they were able to keep her from delivering ... They had rockers in the NICU so moms could sit with their babies. ...

Water for Babies?!?!

Read all 19 responses: "My girl is 7 months old & starting (slowly) to eat solids. When should I start giving her water? She hasn't been constipated yet & I ...
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  • making your own baby food in 2 answers "that is great that you are making your own baby food...I think I'm going to try that ..."
  • give him filtered water in 2 answers "... 2 months) just so my son would begin to like it. I give him filtered water."
  • also a labor and delivery nurse in 2 answers "... thing really sucks but you HAVE TO DO IT! I am also a labor and delivery nurse ..."
  • give your baby water in 5 answers "Since he or she is only feeding with milk, if you give your baby water, you;re sparing ..."
  • used gripe water in 4 answers "I used gripe water with my first and it worked wonderful."