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8 Year Old Son Who Is Not Interested in School Academics.

Read all 17 responses: "My 8 year old has no interest in school what so ever. He likes going to school but it takes him to long to finish his work , he is ...

Helping Explain the "Birds and Bees" to 8 Year Old Son

Read all 9 responses: "Hello moms out there. Lately my 8 year old son has been asking questions about sex. He has said that alot of kids are talking about ...

8 Year Old Girl Behavior

Sep 8, 2009 ... Read all 18 responses: "I have an 8 year old daughter who has been type 1 diabetic since 18 months. We are having trouble with her attitude, ...

8 Year Old Son Can't Tie Shoes

Read all 17 responses: "I am having the hardest time dealing with my 8 year old right now! First of all, he seems to rebel when I try to teach him something ...

My 8 Year Old Feels Nauseous Every Night.

Read all 20 responses: "Ladies, My 8 year old son is nauseous every night. The pediatrician has done blood work and has tested stool samples - both have ...

Body Odor in Almost 8 Year Old Daughter

Sep 30, 2009 ... Read all 47 responses: "Hi...my daughter is starting to get major body odor under her armpits. It is very noticeable when I pick her up ...

Nance Appliance for 8 Year Old

Oct 17, 2009 ... Read all 8 responses: "My daughter's dentist is recommending a nance appliance. She is 8 years old and I'm concerned about it being in her ...

Seeking Ideas for 8 Year Old Sleep over Birthday Party

Sep 24, 2009 ... Read all 22 responses: "Moms, I am in need of some fun crafts/ideas for my daughters 8th birhtday. She is having 5 girls come to our house ...

My 8 Year Old Has Just Started Wetting the Bed

Read all 7 responses: "My 8 year old daughter has never wet the bed since she first potty trained. Now, she has wet the bed three times in the last week.

Canker Sore in 8 Year Old Mouth.

Read all 7 responses: "My son has a canker sore in his mouth does anyone know how I can somewhat relieve the pain associated with this. Thanks, K."
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