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Husband Says I Am Being Selfish but I Know He Cant Be Right

He's the one that is being selfish!!!! I am a 30 year old mother of two daughters pregnant with my third. I have been married and divorced because I will ...

Does Any One Know a Great Hand Surgeon?

He has an office in Richardson (off 190) and Rockwall. One of his associates is also good with hands, Dr. Watamull. I believe they are partners in Regional ...

One-year Old Son Screeches for Demands and Attention

Oct 20, 2009 ... When did he turn one? Does he seem to understand you when you talk to him? Screeching or yelling is not uncommon, though I can definitely ...

Uterine Ablation - Have You Had One?

Have you had your hormones checked Not just the one basic blood test that checks your FSH but an indepth blood test that .... he is the one · is he the one ...

Wondering How Long Naps = Crying

Sep 12, 2009 ... Im so sorry you have a tough one I had four of them One of my boys had to cry for exactly 22 minutes before hed go to sleep I cant remember ...

Closing One Eye to Read?

But his eyes tire of this eventually, and he has to cross his eyes, or close one of them. His depth perception is good. He'll have to wear glasses for ...

One Year Old Teething!

The little boy is cutting his one year molars and he is miserable!! He is cutting one on the top right side and one on the bottom right side which..."

Baby Yeast Infection

Oddly enough, my son had one when he was an infant. After taking him to the doctor, he advised me the best way to heal the infection was to let him be ...

Febrile Seizures

Oct 7, 2009 ... My son is 2 now and he's had 2 febrile seizures earlier this year one in Jan and one in Feb He went to the hospital again in like June or ...

Naps Too Long?

my son is 21 months and takes 3 to 3 12 hour naps too but he's done this ever since he went to one nap It's great for me I wouldnt worry about it just enjoy ...
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