How Much Milk for a 15 Mo Old?

Updated on May 05, 2008
N.B. asks from Racine, WI
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Hi, I was just wondering how many ounces of milk a 15 mo old is supposed to be getting? I want to try to get my daughter to drink exclusively from a sippy cup. I still give her an 8 ounce bottle in the morning and at night. She drinks some milk at daycare but mostly just water or occasional juice. She'll drink juice and water fine from a sippy cup but when it comes to milk in the cup she tends to not drink as much. I'm just afraid that if I just give her the cup of milk instead of the bottle she'll not be getting as much as she needs. I've tried different types of sippy cups; with valves and w/out.

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My pediatrician told me to throw out the bottles when my daughters were a year old. I agreed, and my girls drank all of their milk from a cup from then on.........I breastfed them until 4 mos. for my first child and 10 mos. for the second.
I gave them glasses of milk, water or juice when ever they were thirsty.
Good Luck,

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You could try watering down her milk. That's what we have to do for my daughter. She loves milk, and refuses plain water and only drinks one 7 oz juice a day. So in order to make sure she does not drink too much milk we fill the bottom 1/4 to bottom 1/2 with water and then the milk. She never notices the difference and she is almost three. Maybe your daughter would take milk in the sippy cup if it was watered down or flavored. My daughter also got to pick out her sippy cups. She wanted the Elmo and Thomas the train cups, and we just no longer had the bottles around, but this was at 11 months. Ditch the bottles Asap for her teeth. Even if she goes a couple days without wanting the sippy cup, she will not dehyrate herself, and will give in to the cups. Just don't even have them around as an option anymore.



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I don't get the response you received about 0oz of milk and the cows milk is for cows. In response to your question I would not give as much milk to her as you do now if she's eating table foods. You don't want to give too much milk or too little. I'd talk to your doctor or call the nuse at your clinic to make sure. I was told to give my child like 3-4 oz. each meal and that's about 3x a day. She gets other dairy from foods.



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At my son's 15 month check-up (he's 16.5 months now), our doctor said 32-40 ounces. I stick closer to 32 because I want to make sure he has enough room in his tummy for meals/snacks/etc.



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Wow. I am surprised to see such a wide range of answers. At my daughter's 15 month check up(two months ago), I was concerned she wasn't getting enough milk. Her doctor said that they really only need 12 oz a day at this point and then try to get in a serving of yogurt or cheese as well.
I would call your pediatrician and see what they recommend for your daughter's age and weight.

My daughter was not keen on cow's milk in a sippy cup at first either, but after a few weeks of offering it at every meal and when I knew she was really thirsty(like right away after waking in the morning)she took to it quite well.

Good luck!



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When my son was this age (about 2 months ago) I was concerned my son was drinking too much milk, so I talked to a nutritionist. She said that at this age they should have at least 16 ounces a day, but no more than 24 ounces a day. Hope this helps!



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I weaned my daughter from the breast at about 1 yr., and quickly switched from the bottle to the cup. She was showing a tendency to get attached to her bottle, and I didn't want that, for her physical and emotional well-being. I gradually introduced the cup at meals and snacks, then in the morning and eventually before bed. She would never drink much from it, which concerned me as well. Her pediatrician said she should be getting 1-2 cups of milk a day, which didn't seem like much to me. But she eats very well, so she's getting her nutritional needs fulfilled. The best thing I stumbled on was a cup with a soft straw and an attached top that will close down over the straw. She drinks GREAT out of those (and is now 14 months)! I love that I can cover the straw (which you can't with a sippy cup unless it has a lid which I would quickly lose!) and the straw is much better for her teeth and mouth. I found the cups at a Walmart.


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At my daughters 12 month appointment, I was told that she should be drinking no more than 24 ounces of milk per day. I did have her on a bottle at night until she was almost 18 months, and then just took it away, and she barely noticed the transition.



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I was told no more than about 20 ounces of milk. If you think she is not getting enough give her stuff like cheese and yogurt. My son was that way when we switched to the cup. It took a little bit but he eventually started drinking a good amount 15 month old daughter on the other hand would drink half a gallon a day if you let her :-) At 15 months their nutrients are coming from food so you don't want to give them too much milk or they won't eat enough other nutrients.



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I was concerned about this when my kids were that age. The pediatrician told me to get rid of the bottles entirely - out of site, out of mind. They will drink from the cup which is better for their teeth when that is what they have offered. They do not drink as much milk, but can get calcium from lots of other things such as cheese, yogurt, broccoli, etc.

Don't worry, she'll drink. Set a good example for her, too.

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