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Throwing Baby Shower for Friend

A.F. asks from Portland

Hi there, My friend is now about six mos. prego with her son and I am throwing her a surprise baby shower. Will you please write me your suggestions about where a ...


Baby Shower Location - 50 People

A.F. asks from Chicago

I am trying to assist my family in finding a baby shower location for me. It will take place in July but we would like to book it far in advance. We are expecting a...


Dentist for 18Mo Old - Garland,Mesquite,Rockwall

J.J. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies, Does anyone know of a good dentist for my 18mo old? I am not sure if there are any specifically for pediatrics, preferably in garland, Rockwall or Mesquit...


Boys Name Maddox

M.R. asks from Kansas City

We are considering the name maddox for a boy. Have you heard this name much? Any opinions on it? Any horrible nickname potential I'm not thinking of? I got the po...


Need Help with New Name!

B.K. asks from Sioux Falls

I am quite the fan of quirky names. My boyfriend wants to be a little more traditional. We fought, nothing too serious, up until delivery day about what to name baby ...


Mom Seeking Names

E.D. asks from Jackson

Hello. I am pregnant for the third time. With both of my other children I picked their names and was set on them right away. I was just trying to find some interes...


Need a Name!!!

L.R. asks from Cincinnati

I am not having any luck picking a name for my little boy. I am almost 32 weeks (due Oct 29th) and cant come up with anything. I want a name that is unique/different,...


Seeking Positive Natural Birth Stories from 2Nd+ Pregnancies

J.D. asks from Denver

Hi ladies! I am about 6 weeks away from the birth of my second daughter. With my first, I gave birth without taking pain meds, despite a fierce pitocin induction. It ...

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