Stroller Recommendations for Infant and Toddler

Updated on October 17, 2006
V. asks from Minneapolis, MN
7 answers

I am due to deliver my second child very soon and am looking for a stroller that will accommodate both my infant and toddler (2 yrs. old). I have an infant car seat already and would like to be able to use that with the stroller I buy, but not sure that is possible. Any suggestions on strollers for my 2 little ones? - looking for tandem-type.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi V. -

We purchased the Caboose by Joovy (available at Babies R Us or on-line) and have loved it. It accommodates most infant seats and allows your older one to stand or sit. We had originally purchased the Jeep Tandem stroller, but it was just TOO heavy and huge to use.

Congrats on your new baby!




answers from Minneapolis on

I'd recommend the Graco Duoglider as well. It accomocates the infant car seat nicely as well as the older toddler (my first son was 18 months old when my second was born & he still fits fine in it a year later). I'm glad I got a tandom, but I have found it to be a bit harder to steer when you're not on a smooth surface . . . and you may find your older toddler doesn't want to be in the stroller for much longer. Check out - I found my used Duoglider in the Northern suburb area for $60! Congrats & good luck!



answers from Rochester on

My oldest was 2 when my 10 month old was born. It really depends on what brand of car seat you have. I have the Graco it is not tandum. But it has nice big wheels and is very nice. I got it at Babie r us. It is the black and brown is gold one. The one thing I don't like about it is that the basket under the stroller goes almost all the way to the back seat when it is laying down so it is hard to get things in and out. I have started putting it between the 2 seats since you are supposed to put the car seat in the back there are no feet in the way. I have also seen the Eddie Bauer Tandem one. Have you every played with the seat? my 2 year old is a little chunk and I was worried he would break the seat cuz it has 2 little clips that hold the seat on so you can turn it around. And really My 2 year old would freek out if he was sitting backwards.



answers from Minneapolis on

we got the sit n stand by baby trend (target) and absolutely love it-- had originally bought the joovy one from babies r us, but found that when we put the infant carrier in the front properly, then our toddler couldn't sit very comfortably in the back, so we returned it, and don't have the problem with the baby trend. I also personally prefer the "method" that baby trend uses to attatch the infant carrier better, but both can accomodate most types of carriers (we used both strollers with a graco and a cosco and a babytrend)... but either way, especially if your toddler is one that doesn't like to sit too long, this is a great transition for them



answers from Minneapolis on

Graco Duo Gllider ! I love all Graco products I've never had a problem with that brand.



answers from Green Bay on

Hello, I bought my Graco Duo Glider (got it on sale for $99.00 four years ago. I have used it a ton and it has held up really nice. Even though our children are larger it still accomodates them well. I used it with a graco infant seat in the back seat(the set did not match but they worked great together). I plan to use a snug ride carseat (sorry the brand escapes me right now) with the new baby and it seems to fit fine when I tried out the fit.
Hope this helps.
Oh, it is also light enough for me to not have any trouble taking it in and out of my van. I did not fit with the front shade on it when I had my car but I like it better with that off anyway.



answers from St. Cloud on

I have a Duoglider LXI and love it - huge basket, easy to steer. It is somewhat big/bulky, but I can easily fit it in my trunk with lots of other stuff. If your older child likes to walk and is closer to 2 1/2ish, you could also look into something like a sit and stand or Joovy Caboose. My kids are now 30 months and almost 1 (next week) and that's what we are about to switch to (I know that the Caboose accepts an infant seat).

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