Best Stroller for Two Year Old and Newborn

Updated on February 15, 2007
E.W. asks from Cedar Rapids, IA
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I am expecting a baby in April and have been trying to decide what I want for a stroller. Since my two year old I have lent out my stroller and bought a jogging stroller that I absolutly love but the baby seat doesn't click into it. I thought about just buying a new stroller travel system but I am worried that my two year old will also want to ride or it would be eaiser to have her ride when I am doing something by myself with both children. I am looking for advise or recomendations on strollers for this situation. Please help!

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answers from Grand Forks on

We have a Graco Duoglider also and I love it. I liked not having to deal with the carseat in the stroller. But I think that Graco makes a double stroller that will hold a carseat and another child.

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answers from Boise on

I have the Joovy stroller as well and I LOVE it!! A couple of my friends had one and they recommended it to me. Its awesome! It easily folds right up and fits in the trunk of the car. The front seat has a car seat adapter that comes on and off. So you can have the car seat fit right in, or take the adapter off and use the regular tray front if you want your baby to sit up in the stroller. My 3 year old son loves to stand up in the back, and its great that he can sit when he wants as well! We didn't want a double wide stroller because they are hard to fit through the door and take up so much room! The joovy is really thin and no longer than any other skinny double stroller.(nice if you are in a big crowd!) Its manuverable too! We got ours at Babies-R-Us for around 150 not too expensive!! The only thing that I would change is the basket size underneath. It isn't very big! Good luck!



answers from Missoula on

Walmart has a great double stroller. It can be used as a single or a double and you can remove one of the seats and replace it with your baby's infant seat, so you can go from car to stroller with no hassle. You can also change the seat positions so you can do whatever each child prefers. Facing foreward, backward, facing eachoter, whatever you like. I have heard that it's pretty heavy, but it may be worth checking out.



answers from Omaha on

We have a Graco DuoGlider and it worked out well for us! We had our 2 year old in front and our newborn in the back in a Graco SnugRide seat. We still use it occasionally, but they both HAVE TO walk now on their own. ;)



answers from Iowa City on

I woyld recommend a sit and stand stoller. The sit area has a bar to put the car seat carrier on and when the baby is out then she will have the seat. The back has a seat and an area to stand as well. We bought one years ago and have had six children use it. It has been a great investment. We bought our at Baby Town Kid Stuff in Sioux Falls, SD. They have the same store in Omaha, NB as well. There are many versions just make sure your car seat will work with whatever one you choose!

Best of luck with everything.




answers from Omaha on

i have what is called a sit and stand.

i have the Joovy brand. i tested the baby trend one and felt it was still as long as my graco duo-glide double stroller and i was looking for something that was on the shorter side.
the graco one was like pushing a bus compared to the sit and stand. or jogging one even.

my 3 year old will sometimes sit and just recently got into standing.

we also have a double jogging stroller,, a must with two..

good luck..



answers from Rapid City on

Hi! I have a 22 mnth old and a newborn and we have the Graco Duo Glider which accomodates the infant seat as well as being a tandem 2 seat stroller. We like it but it's heavy for me. We got the single stroller travel system and then I added the tandem stroller that matched our pattern recently but they do sell the Duo as a travel system, check Target or Toys R Us they used to be there.

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