"Sick" Before Tonsillectomy

Updated on October 07, 2011
E.M. asks from Liberty, MO
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My son is having his tonsils taken out tomorrow, also a right ear tube. just this morning he had a tiny bit of a clear runny nose, literally just a tiny bit for a minute. then a bit ago he came running up to me with a lot of thicker snot that was just slightly tinged toward green. I am so hoping and praying he is not getting sick, I do not want to have to reschedule this. I will get a call today from same day surgery and I know they will be the one's to tell me if it is okay or not. He has no fever, no cough, not acting sick he is up running around playing with his brothers. So, my question is, has this happened with your child or someone you know? did they cancel the surgery for a bit of a runny nose? His tonsils are very swollen btw, almost touching, and he has been having sleep apnea and has been getting strep throat a lot. they are not taking his adenoids just the tonsils and the ear tube. what do you think?
oh, and if it makes a difference, he is an overnight stay after the surgery since he is 2 1/2.

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answers from Chicago on

My son had outpatient surgery this summer to remove a cyst. We did have to reschedule due to a fever he came down with the day before the surgery. He was 20 months old at the time, and they don't like to take chances with the young ones. Talk to the surgical nurse, but if your son doesn't have a fever, it should be fine. Good luck, hope all goes well!

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answers from Lake Charles on

They actually did my tonsillectomy WHILE I still had tonsillitis.. not a horrible case but my tonsils were literally almost touching too.. If he has no fever then they won't blink an eye at a runny nose, 90% of the time it's probably just allergies anyway.

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answers from Boston on

Could be allergies, could be illness, could be related to his existing problems. Talk to the surgical staff - he needs to be healthy in order to recover properly. (I was supposed to have my tonsils out as a kid, along with my brother. We had to be well for 3 weeks. We weren't. My mother went through the frustration you have about rescheduling, for a full year. BTW We still have our tonsils, believe it or not. Now I'm illness-free due to a stronger immune system.)

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answers from Lawrence on

We went through the samething with my son except he was having a scope put down him. They asked me if he was feeling ok and if he had a fever. I said no he has not had a fever and they said ok so we went ahead with the procedure. The procedure went well and my son was fine. I would tell them though thathis nose has been running but if he has not had a fever or a bad cough then they will probably tell u it's fine to do the procedure.

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