Placenta Bigger than Baby

Updated on December 27, 2006
H.G. asks from Lakewood, WA
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I am 12 weeks pregnant and the baby is the size of a baby at 6 weeks. Should I be worried or just wait it out and see what happens. I have three kids and have not experienced complications until now. I just dont now what is coming ahead of me and just would like some feed back please anything will help me sleep better. The baby does have a heart beat so that is something positive to look at. I have another ultrasound in a week from today and a Doctors appointment on the 22nd. So pray for us please...
I just would like to know what other women have experienced??

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So What Happened?

so I have had my Ultrasound and it seems that I have a molar pregnancy, SSo it is worse that I we all thought they said it only happens to 1 in every 2000. Aint I just the lucky one. So I have decided to keep him because he does have a heart beat and he is growing normal but there is the molar attached to him i worry about:{ I really am scared and understand the risks but I just cannot bring myself to terminate my pregancy, He is still kicking for a reason. And I now if I keep going I will get pretty sick, but for one of my kids I will do anything to save them. Even if he hasn't been born. *I HAVE TO TRY*

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I think the baby is going to be fine but I think it would ease your mind to read up on all posibilitys so that you are prepared for anything. with my daughter(first) I read everything I could get my hands on from magazines to the library and the internet. all complications for anything that could possibly happen to a baby to giving birth and everything that could happen after the baby is born. It made me at ease to read those things and know it would'nt happen to me becuase I knew about it. they say that what we don't know from history bites us in the butt and we repeat it. well thats the same for everything. if you don't know what has happend to others then it might happen to you. like the drinking while pregnant thing. if you don't know what could happen and no one has told you not to drink and you do your baby will suffer. so I'd look for anything you can find and educate yourself. I used to read in the bathtub to get privacy. try it if your other kids wont leave you be. Maybe daddy can keep them away for an hour every night so you can relax. and don't worrie about the baby. you can handle anything god gives you.

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What does your dr say? When I was 12 weeks pregnant they couldnt hear a heart beat so we did an ultrasound and he was just really small. He was born 4 weeks early and 17 inches 7lbs 4 oz so he wasn't at all harmed by growing slow at first. I would really just try and stay calm the stress wont help anything. Take whatever tests and advice your doctor has and don't worry. If there is a serious problem they will let you know. Good luck and I will say a prayer for you tonight.

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Hi, for starters I am completely new here but just wanted to let you know that things will be ok...I am 32 weeks pregnant and when I was 10 weeks the ultrasound put me at 5 weeks. But I knew that was not possible because I took the home pregnancy test on June 18 (Fathers day) which means I was at the most 2-4 weeks pregnant. I went into the ER due to bleeding thinking I had lost the baby mid July. LMP dates say 10 weeks U/S says 5 weeks, I knew it wasnt possible because I took the test 4 weeks prior which would have meant I was only 1 week when I took the test. yeah not possible. Anyways I remember them giving me a date of March 24th for my due date and I fought with them about it...a week later at 11 weeks I had another U/S and it said I was 10.5 weeks and LMP was 11.3 weeks so this time I was 5 days off...I knew the Doctor was an idiot 20 weeks I had another U/S and the measurements were 3 days off so finally they changed my due date back to Feb. I am measuring 4 weeks bigger then I am so they have no I say if you are 100% sure when you LMP was I would go with that date cause again recently they changed my due date to Feb 20th...anyways good luck and I hope everything goes well.

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Hello I don't have any advice for you but I just wanted to say good luck and you will be in our prayers. Take it easy and take care of yourself and listen to your ob. What do they say about this? Please keep us posted after your ultrasound. Have a Merry Christmas.

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answers from Reno on

You'll be in our prayers! Keep us posted please!

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When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had an ultrasound done at 12 weeks. They said that I was really only ten weeks along. But I knew when I had conceived her, because it was a one night stand, and it was the only sexual contact the father and I had. So I figured she was just going to be small. forward to 20 weeks...another ultrasound revealed that my daughter was only 17 weeks gestational age. But I knew they were wrong. When I was full term with her, I knew I was going to have a small baby because I could still shave my legs fairly easily(I couldn't with my son-he was HUGE!!). My daughter was born at 39 weeks, and they tried to tell me that she was about 36 weeks!!! She came out weighing only 6 pounds. I couldn't believe they wouldn't believe me about her conception. I knew my exact conception date, and they brushed me off like I didn't know what I was talking about. So chances are, you're going to have a small baby. Is there a possibility that your due date has been miscalculated? It's hard to tell sometimes. But early ultrasounds are usually pretty accurate, unless of course your baby is small. Be happy-my daughter was in newborn diapers until she was almost 5 months old, and I just absolutely loved having a tiny little munchkin!!! Everyone always exclaimed how tiny she was and I loved it! Even now she is 16 months old, and she only weighs 19 pounds. But she has chubbies in all the right places. So I know she's healthy. Hope this gives you some peace of mind. Congrats on going to school!! My husband is a social work major with emphasis on political psychology, and I know first hand how much courage it takes to do it! Good job.


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