How Well Do You Think You Know Your Body??

Updated on August 08, 2010
H.V. asks from Akron, OH
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Just a "for fun" question...

I'm pregnant and due Sept 7th. So according to my dr. I'm about 36wks. I had an ultrasound to determine the sex and it wasn't VERY obvious. The Dr. said she thinks that the baby is a Girl.

Now this is what I am curious about. I honestly don't care if it is a girl or a boy, I'm excited either way. I have a feeling that the ultrasound Tech was wrong. I feel like I'm having another boy. I also feel like they got my due date wrong.

Anyone ever just "feel" these kinds of things and end up actually being right??

Edit: the U/s said I was along with the due date...I guess it's more that I have a strange feeling that This baby is coming sooner.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I guessed correctly the genders of both of my kids before we had the ultrasound to confirm it. As for the due date...not so much.



answers from Cincinnati on

i knew they were wrong about mine, by about 2 weeks and when they did a second ultrasound they confirmed I was right. when my mom was pregnant with me they were off by an entire month.

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answers from Cleveland on

I thought my son would be born a little early and he came four days before the due date, which for a first pregnancy is early since they say you're likely to go two weeks late on the first one. The night before I had my son, I told my husband he better go to bed early because I might go into labor. I really think you can pick up on what your body is doing even if you logically can't explain why. I also knew I was pregnant before I took the test and my period wasn't late yet. Maybe it's just feeling different hormones!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Before I had an ultrasound, I just had the feeling my baby was a boy. We had one at the doc's that said it was a girl. Then we did the 3D ultrasound on our own a little later to get some cool images, and they also said it was a girl. but it still didn't feel right. We had a final ultrasound when I was about 34weeks and my hubby jokingly asked if it was still a girl. The tech seemed surprised by this because she thought we knew it was a boy, it was pretty obvious! So I was right, 2 techs were wrong and I had to go to several stores returning the girl gifts I got from my baby shower!

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answers from Los Angeles on

yep, my doc/ultrasound said we were having a boy. I felt from day one we were having a girl. I had an amnio done and guess what? Received a 6 a.m. call from the nurse saying that we were most definitely having a girl. I was a bit smug, lol!!



answers from Indianapolis on

Three pregnancies Girl, Boy, Girl. I "just knew" correctly on each of them. No u/s done at that time. As far as when due I had a "long" cycle and I charted carefully so I knew when they should be due. But it wasn't an intuition thing. #1 was 1 day late, # 2 was 4 days late and # 3 was 6 days late. Dr took my long cycle into consideration.


answers from Johnson City on

Yeah, I knew my son was a boy way before the u/s. Can't tell you why, I just knew. Just curious on the u/s, did they measure the baby and tell you it was on track with your due date? How much off do you think the doc is on your due date?



answers from Indianapolis on

Well, I know my due dates have been wrong via ultrasound because I chart my fertility and I know when I ovulate. I don't care what their little wheel says when I tell them the first day of my LMP. I don't care what the ultrasound tech guesses based on measurements. I tell the OB what my due date is and that 14 days after my correct due date, she may then, for the first time, talk about induction.

I know women who knew every time they had a baby what the gender would be because they "just knew". I never did. I had dreams each baby was a boy and a girl at different time. I never found out until a few seconds after I gave birth. It was great, never took that chance that I painted the room the wrong color or had to return every gift I got at my shower. Awesome!!



answers from Indianapolis on

We chose not to learn the gender with either child, and the ultrasound tech was incredible in keeping our secret.

I guessed and guessed through each pregnancy, waffled and wavered, but at the end of the day, my intuition was correct on each pregnancy. My husband's was not.

I can only comment certainly on one thing. When I went to my OB 7 weeks postpartum with a small swollen lymph node (he said he wasn't concerned), my instincts kicked into high gear, and I immediately sought other opinions. My gut told me something was not right and to follow through. Glad I did. That small swollen lymph node that everyone thought was benign and related to postpartum hormones was cancer.


answers from Houston on

im the only one that thought i would have a girl (i just felt it), i also knew my due date was too soon, and i had her 2 weeks late, i definitely think theres a possibility to "just know"



answers from Washington DC on

I knew with each of mine what the sex was before the u/s told us , I just had a gut feeling , but the u/s was spot on with how many weeks I was , so cannot comment on that.



answers from Phoenix on

We did not know the sex of either of our 2 kids (1 boy and 1 girl), and I feel I knew what they were beforehand. In the delivery room I asked what it was, and it was almost like a movie I'd seen before when they told me the sex. (I was like, ok...tell me its a girl-and they did! lol). When my mom was pregnant with me she bought girl birth announcements before I was born because she "just knew". Women's intuition is a powerful thing! Congratulations to you!


answers from Dayton on

My gut feelings have been correct w/ both of mine.
I knew my first was a girl. Did not have any preconcieved idea as to when she would come...but w/ baby #2...
Knew I was having a boy, pregnancy was very different.
Also, knew his personality was going to be very different from his movements in the womb-it is!
According to my LMP I was due April 29. According to my 8 wk u/s, edd was moved to May 5. Which I believe was fairly accurate because I ovulated late.
I knew he would come a week early-and he did-right on his original edd!

GL! Instincts are there for a reason!



answers from New York on

i cant remember the percentages, but i remember reading mothers who dont really know the sex usually guess right. i think it was like 80% where the "feeling" was right. for my sister, she guessed right both times when she didnt find out.



answers from Raleigh on

Ah, I do not know........we had the 4D u/s at 24 weeks and it was easy to see that it's a girl. Our first 2 are boys and with them at 20 weeks, we could tell they were boys even on the 2D u/s:) I was SURE it was another boy, pregnancy is IDENTICAL to my first 2.....
And as far as due date goes, the u/s tech measured the baby at 16 weeks and got it right to the day(since I know when we conceived). When they did the DD by the first day of my last period it was always wrong.



answers from Lakeland on

all the time. trust your intuition. medicine is not black and white. if you are in tune with your body and yourself, then you can see what others cannot



answers from Cincinnati on

Babies have their own time clocks. I was late with the first and early with the second. I had a boy first and was sick all the time. 7mos of morning sickness. Because I carried different and had no sickness I was sure (I was having a girl and my doc always said she. Well number 2 was also a boys. In the Ultra sound he was covered up so you really could not tell either. Everything was different about the second pregnancy so I would say there is only one way to know just wait and see.



answers from Cleveland on

I just knew at 3 months that I was having a girl-I named her and called her by name throughout my pregnancy. My sister kept telling me that I was having a boy.When I had her, I called and told my BIL that I had just had their nephew-NOT! She was so surprised! But not me!

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