How to Get My Baby in Advertisements (Ads Not Commercials) for Local Retailers?

Updated on December 10, 2009
E.B. asks from Amelia, OH
4 answers

I was talking to a lady who told me i should put my baby in the ads for walmart, kohl's etc. she had apparently done it a few years back with her grandson, i was wondering how i would go about doing this though. Is there a specific person i should call or should i just call and ask for who does advertisements? any ideas?

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answers from Cincinnati on

Find an agent. For the Greater Cincinnati area (also Colombus and Louisville) I recommend Heyman Talent. Look into other's as well. (dont go to John Robert Powers or Barbizon-they are often run by scammers who will take your money, make big promises and some owners disappear).
Good luck!



answers from Cincinnati on

My sister knew someone who did this years ago and she had a family member who worked there. She told my sister they are usually the children of the workers. Although she did a fashion show for a maternity shop. She got to buy what she modeled at less than wholesale and a gift certicate for the shop. She was just asked by the store manager if she would be interested.
I would suggest going to the manager of the store and asking. Or you may need to go to corp headquarters.



answers from Dallas on

I've worked in the film and commercial area for a long time as a producer. Do not respond to ads that say oh, we can get you seen...because it really is a bunch of bull and usually you will be out money. Rini was lucky and did her research that they were in Southern you really think they would advertise for something from Dallas if their main office is in the state of gorgeous children?

Now to get your children seen locally (I'm talking Dallas here) - take pictures of your baby and submit them to the name agents in your area...If you are in Dallas, Linda McAlister, Clutts Agency, The Campbell Agency, Kim Dawson Talent. Go to their sites, read up on how to handle submissions, and do it! Once an agent accepts you and when a submission comes through for a print ad, it will go to the agent and you will be asked to attend a casting call - this is for print and commercials.

Also, look on your own as Rini suggested - locally owned and operated retail stores will sometimes do their own ads or pictures for their stores. The worst that will happen if you ask is that they will say no.

Good luck and feel free to contact me offline.



answers from Norfolk on

Well you have to look for local things, or you will be traveling out the a**. I recieved an e-mail from Hot Topic (Yes I am one of those people who enjoy wearing those kinds of clothes. :D ) and it was saying how they had seen my pictures and had seen that I had done modeling a few years back, and they wanted to have me work with them. It was all going great! I even have a Hot Topic right down the street from me! But then we ran into a dead end...their merchandising offices are all in southern California!

So really, when getting into things like that, look for local things. :) Try asking local shops that you walk into, ask managers, they would be able to give you better information with their store and how their adds work.

Good Luck!

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