How Much to Pay a Nanny - Murfreesboro,TN

Updated on June 02, 2010
C.R. asks from Murfreesboro, TN
6 answers

How much would you pay a nanny of an infant? I will be coming to your place of work.

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answers from Nashville on

I paid my nanny $12 per hour. My sister in law charges $15 per hour and is worth every penny. It is based on experience, imo. Being a nanny is far more than a babysitter. Also, my nanny was charged with doing the laundry for the baby and helping with light meal preparation, when requested. She was not a housekeeper though, but had to keep all areas she and the babies were neat and picked up at the end of the day.

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answers from New York on

There are so many things to take into consideration. What are the hours? What if the parent doesn't come home on time (stuck in traffic)? Will the employer be providing meals? What other duties is the nanny expected to do? What type of experience does the nanny have? I think it's best to establish a weekly rate, rather than an hourly one. Fifteen years ago I paid a nanny $175 per week for 4 days, and provided 3 meals a day, and provided transporation to and from our home since she did not drive.

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answers from Atlanta on

It depends on the "market" -as in where you live. Check with some comparable other nannies. You may want to look at or for average rates. I'm in Atlanta, and we pay $2000 per month for a nanny to come 8-5:30 M-F for a 4 year old and a 19m old. Some people charge by the hour, and $12 should not be too high no matter where you are for an infant. If you are going to do housekeeping as well, I would up it to $15.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

what are her hours? how many per week? will she be doing any housekeepping? or running earends for you? depending on what you expect from her at the very least 9 an hour. I was making 12 an hour and that was 10 years ago. but I did light housekeeping and ran earands for her. hope this helps

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answers from Detroit on

$10 to $12 per hour.

I would expect light housekeeping when/if the babynaps..

my nanny did dishes, swept vacuum... every day..



answers from Chattanooga on

Well from the looks of things ya'll is job hunting on here. Wow some of these women must be having really good jobs to pay that much for childcare seeing as most jobs in the area I live only pay 8.25/hour I know this service is something I could never afford. Good luck with your job hunting though.. Though to me it just sounds like a really pricey baby sitter

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