Help Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

Updated on November 05, 2009
J.J. asks from Stillwater, OK
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I had a miscarriage in July 09, before that I had two wonderfully healthy children and no issues. Well now we are wanting to get pregnant more then ever- what I can't figure out is when I am ovulating- before the miscarriage my cycles were as regular as clockwork every 28 1/2 days. Since I have had two but they were 35 days apart! I am not sure if my body is still adjusting and will go back to the 28 or if this is my new normal? Can anyone help me figure out then when I will be ovulating?

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answers from Montgomery on

Hi, they have ovulation detector kits that you can buy at any drugstore or even at Wal Mart. Thats what I did when I was having trouble getting pregnant the second time and it worked great for me. Good luck!

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answers from Decatur on

Arbonne has a great hormone balancing cream called Prolief that has been known to help women get pregnant. Also, prolief is the hormone progesterone that causes the baby to attach to the uterine wall and hold the pregnancy. You can check out the website at or call ###-###-####. Thanks, K.



answers from Philadelphia on

I had a miscarriage in March of '08 and got pregnant in November of '08. I used a website to track my ovulation and periods etc. And I found it extremely helpful. It is



answers from Tuscaloosa on

2 things. First, have your OB check your bloodwork for your hormone levels. Same thing happened to me and it turned out my progesterone disappeared! That could have caused my miscarriage, or been a result of it, but it's a common cause of miscarriage. I had to take progesterone to get worked! Secondly, I used the maybemom ovulation predictor, which I LOVED. You might want to check into it to help you. It costs about $50, but I got one cheaper on ebay. You spit on a glass slide every morning and look through a tube and can tell if/when you are ovulating. Nothing more to buy or throw away! That's one way i knew something was wrong, because it was all off after my miscarriage. Good luck!



answers from Shreveport on

You could also pick up the book Taking Charge Of Your Fertility. Your local library or bookstore will have it. It is great for explaining your cycle and how to chart your cycle.



answers from Pine Bluff on

The book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" is a great resource. You could also check out the website



answers from Tulsa on

I'm going to ditto the book "Taking Charge Of Your Fertility" . Also, you might want to join The message boards are wonderful and full of helpful and supportive women who are going through the same things. This website is based on the book.



answers from Canton on

Yeah, don't know. Could be your new mormal or could be just your body doin' weird stuff after a miscarriage. Try the natural family planning approach where you check your basal body temp. and your mucus consistancy. Check out the Billings Ovulation Method to Natural Family Planning that may help some.



answers from Fayetteville on

As someone who's body took 7 months to regulate after having and IUD removed, I can relate. My uterus has been whacked out and is just now coming back to 'normal', being over 35 doesn't help (apparently). If you can commit to some money, the best bang for your buck is the ClearBlue Easy Ovulation monitor. THe price has come down, I found mine at (I think) for $169 with a box of test strips. THe test strips can get expensive ($45 at Walgreen's, but I usually find them online cheaper). It has been worth it, no doubt when I am ovulating (or IF...turns out I was having a problem and needed some medical intervention. Who knows how long I would have gone on not knowing if it weren't for my little 'bionic' ovulating machine). Check google, or to compare pricing. THe last time I checked for a friend, the website I mentioned was the cheapest. You can also get them on e-bay, but I was tired of being out bid and just bought it. THe money is worth it, I couldn't be happier with it.

Good luck.


answers from Hartford on

You can buy an ovulation kit, I used one and it worked great.
Sorry for your loss, I had one in between my first two.


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