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Updated on December 01, 2010
A.A. asks from Lubbock, TX
5 answers

I'm thinking about going back to school and was curious if I could qualify for any grants. I have one child whose almost three months old. Do any of you mommies know of any help there is? I'd be okay with a loan if I can't qualify for any grants, but I'd like know all of my options. I'm not looking for a four year degree. Just something in the medical field, like an office specialist or something like that. Any advice will be appreciated!

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answers from Wichita Falls on

I don't know which school in Lubbock you are looking at, but Tech ahs a very good Financial aid office. They can Find the money if it's ot there but you have to very proactive and be in their office in off peak times (mid semester is the best, right now shouldn't be too bad) times . Begining of the semester is always swamped and you can't get the attention you need. I believe most colleges are about the same.

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answers from Honolulu on

You need to ask the Student Advisor or the Admissions office of the university.

Also do online searches on Grants.... there is a TON of information.... and will take time to research... and it will depend on your.... financial situation.... as well, on what you would qualify for.



answers from Seattle on

bare bones... you need to file a FAFSA, sooner rather than later. It typically takes 6-12 mo for financial aid to kick in.

Then apply for financial aid through the school AND outside scholarships. The best free database of scholarships & grants is


answers from Oklahoma City on

if your a single mom you SHOULD be able to qualify for some grants. Go to the school you're interested in, into the financial aid office and get the FAFSA form, that's the pel grant (government money) application, you can also fill out the application online at -you'll need your tax return for this. After you have applied for that you'll be able to apply for loans (most places i've seen wont let you apply for a loan unless you've applied for financial aid first and gotten the approved or denied letter. There's a section asking if you're interested in loans, work study and grants, answer yes to all these to they can e-mail you or send you information on other grants you may be entitled to, and just cause you answer yes to the loans does not require you to get a loan. if you get a loan the the one that does NOT accrue interest while you are in school, there are unsubsidised and subsidised, i'm not sure which one, but one of these types of loans DOES accrue interest while you're in college even though you don't have to pay on it until you graduate or quit school up to 6 months. also, BECAREFUL only borrow what you need. it's EASY to take all you can get but only borrow if you need to. Also, when you go to the financial aid office, they should have different scholarship applications you may qualify for, check on these often because some are spur of the moment and quick closing dates and limited funds.

there are ALL kinds of scholarships, some just for being left handed, some for being red headed, you just have to look, if you're interested, i can look up a good website my school gave me that i thought was a "fraud" at first but is actually reputable.

i just started for my bachelor's i'm super nervous

keep in mind you have to know what school you will be attending to full apply for financial aid, so that is what i would figure out first, they have a code you'll have to put in there, but most schools provide that with every FAFSA form



answers from Tampa on

You should qualify for a grant as long as you don't have a Bachelor's degree already. My sister and I both are back in school- she has a previous bachelor's and I don't- I was able to get grants and she was not and we were told that was the reason. Good luck!

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