Flying Alone with an Infant and a Toddler

Updated on July 11, 2011
S.N. asks from Steep Falls, ME
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I am getting ready to fly from New Hampshire to Oklahoma with my 6-month-old infant and my nearly-3-year-old daughter. I will be traveling alone, so does anyone have any tips or tricks to share that may make this trip go smooth? I am also not sure if I should take my sit-n-stand stroller (or if it will even be allowed on board) or if I should just use my baby Bjorn for my infant and take my single stroller for my older child? I only have a 45 min connection between flights on the way out.

Comments? Suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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answers from Washington DC on

It's been so long since I traveled with babies and toddlers.
Accept the help of strangers. If I saw you I would send my hubby or go myself to help you on the plane and get you off. It has been done for me and the strangers left before I could ever say thank you.
I had an 8yo, 2yo, and a 4 week old, that was 14 years ago.

Good luck. Hope more moms can give you some real advice.

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answers from Chicago on

I would use baby bjorn on the flight so potty trips aren't impossible and sit n stand for airport- it can be gate checked no matter what type of plane you are on- jumbo jet or commuter. My first 2 were 15 mos apart so I made many many flights alone with the 2 of them to visit my family in PA. The 3 yr old is old enough to watch a movie on mini DVD player with kid ear phones... I would get yourself one so you can concentrate on primarily keeping the baby happy :) always worked for me... Even had people turn arOund after flights and tell me they had no idea I had 2 kids with me! Best wishes!



answers from Chicago on

I'd bring the don't take it on board; they let you bring it all the way to the plane and then they take it get it back when you get off (get off the plane and wait right by where the luggage guys come up...they bring up the strollers & wheelchairs a few minutes after landing...ask a flight attendant if you don't know where to wait for the stroller. You might want to bring the bjorn too so you're hands-free to deal with your toddler getting on and off the plane and getting settled. And I would definitely want the stroller for her in the airport, so bring both. You'll be THRILLED you brought the stroller especially.

I always bring a few disposable changing pads...great to use on airport bathroom changing tables and also if you need to lay the baby down on the seat on the plane. At Target - get the 10 pack...those are the big ones.

For the sure the baby has a pacifier, bottle, or is nursing during the ascent and descent of the plane. For your older child bring some gummy candy...not the healthiest of foods I know but you can get some organic ones from Whole Foods or Trader Joe that aren't so bad. But they are excellent for helping with ears on the they are a treat so that makes for happy toddlers! I think 2-3 is way too young for gum. Also have a drink handy for her...the chewing and swallowing is what you want her to do for the pressure in her ears.

Buy some of those scented plastic bags (Target baby section) in case your baby has a poop during the flight or heaven forbid, one of them throws up during the flight...even if they just get wet it's a great place to store their clothes so you don't have to just throw them in your bag with your clean stuff. Be sure to bring change of clothes for both kids...outfits that will fold up very small and not take up a ton of space in your bag. Bring a bag/backpack for your older daughter...she's allowed a carry-on too. That's where you can store your snacks, books, little toys. Be sure to have a brand-new toy in your bag for any in-flight toddler meltdowns. I usually bring a small portable DVD player and small selection of movies too.

Fill up your daughter's sippy cups (I do 1 water, 1 milk) before the flight. It takes forever and a day to get anything from flight attendants usually. When the flight attendant does come around, get a cup of ice for your daughter. It's amazing how long a cup of ice can entertain a child. Be sure to pack a couple of small washcloths in your bag (those thin baby ones take up hardly any room) so you can easily wipe up little wet messes without having to fumble around finding napkins.

Last suggestion - bring stickers...the worst part of any flight is once you've landed and taxied to the gate and you have to sit there for an extra 10-15 minutes before you can get off. Put them on your nose, the baby's nose, your daughter's nose, the seat in front of you, should buy you just enough time to keep her happy until you can stand up and get off the plane.

Best of luck - I've done it many times with my 2 kids (now 2 and 4) and I always feel like I'm preparing to go into battle, haha! But if you stay calm it can actually be fun.



answers from San Francisco on

Definitely do a search for this topic on here, it's been discussed a lot and you'll find lots of good answers.

I agree with most of the previous thoughts (accept help, people are often very nice) but disagree with getting the bulkhead. You wouldn't be able to have any of your stuff near you, and if you need to grab something out of a bag in the overhead while the fasten seat belt sign is on, you're not going to be making friends with the attendants. Get a regular row so that all your snacks and toys are close by.

As for stroller -- think also about carry-on bags that you'll take with you. I liked to take one large bucket bag (my canvas one from Lands End) with smaller ziplocs and containers. That one was hard for me to carry through the airport, but it could hook over a sturdy stroller. If you have an umbrella stroller, it wouldn't be able to hold anything for you, and you'd then have a baby strapped to you PLUS any bags you need to carry on. So I say go for the bigger sit and stand so you personally won't be so laden down.



answers from San Francisco on

Traveling with kids alone can be so difficult! You should definitely call the airline before hand and see if your stroller is allowed on board. I, personally, would do the baby bjorn and single stroller (if I didn't have any or too many big carry ons). Otherwise I would use the other stroller if luggage is going to be a lot to carry/pull along. Here are some other tips for traveling with a toddler that you should definitely check out:



answers from Anchorage on

I would use the Bjorn and the single stroller, airlines are very hard of strollers so I always used one I would not care about if it busted. You can use the sit and stand if you choose, any one you use will be checked at the gate and returned when you get off to change flights. I would ask for a bulk head seat (can call in advance and ask), for it gives you a lot more leg room and space when you have an infant on your lap. Don't forget a change of cloths for each of them, you never know what can happen, and diapers always leak at the worst times! Most important, don't stress. When I had my boys I lived in the UK and had to make many solo trips from London to Montana, and it was never as bad as I was afraid it was going to be!



answers from Austin on

Be sure on take-off and landing that you nurse or bottle-feed the baby... this will encourage the infant to swallow, helping to equalize the pressure change.

If you can give your 3 yr old something to chew on (gum, candy, etc.), this will help them, also.

I'm not really sure how to make other parts easier.... the 45 min connection may be tricky! I hope it is a small airport, or at least the same airlines so the gates are hopefully close by? I would just wear the baby and stroller the older one... keep your hands a bit freer for other stuff, too.



answers from Minneapolis on

I would definitely have the infant in a front pack. That way you have your hands free for tickets, toddler, etc. It is also the only way I could figure out to use a restroom in an airport or airplane. Take whichever stroller is easier to push, you can take it right up to the airplane and they will check it for you.

Take toys and books, snacks and pacifiers, then relax and you will get there. Have fun on your trip.

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