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Updated on February 28, 2008
M.S. asks from Lizton, IN
8 answers

Hey I am thinking about traveling and I need to know what the protocol is for strollers on the plane. How does all that work.

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answers from Jacksonville on

You can take a stroller all the way up to the plane. Once you board they take it and have it ready when you get off. It's very helpful!!



answers from Cincinnati on

I know a lot of rules have changed in the last two years, but when I flew with my infant at the time (now almost 5) I would push the stroller to a point, and then right before you get on they have a last min. drop off point that they load into the louagge of the plane area. You just drop it off there. At the next airport, right as your getting off the plane the stroller will be there for your convience. I thought it was great! Best way to travel with a baby.



answers from Cleveland on

I have traveled twice with my children and all you have to do is gate check them. That means you take them all the way to the check in where you load the plane and tell them you want to gate check it and they will tag it. Then you take it down the plane loading dock and before you get on the plane they will take it from you and when you get off the plane it is right there ready for you. We went to Vegas and Disney and had no problems. Good luck and have fun.



answers from Indianapolis on

I just got back from the irst plane trip with my 4 month old. When going through security, they will ask that you hold the baby and walk through while the stroller itself will go through the x ray.

When you get to the gate, the attendant will tag your stroller and also the car seat (if there is one). Someone will meet you at the end of the gangplank and take it. When you deplane at yor destination, it will be waiting for you in the same place.

I found airport employees, security agents and flight attendants very helpful and willing to answer any concerns.

Bon voyage!



answers from Toledo on

I have never had a probelm gate-checking strollers. You can use your stroller in the airport and they take it at the gate. When you get off the plane, you wait right outside the plane door and they bring it up to you. It is a breeze!



answers from Wheeling on

Take the stroller to the gate with you. At the gate, (or check in counter) they'll give you a colored tag for it. This allows you to leave the stroller at the door to the plane, they'll stow it under for you and get it out and to the door of the plane when you depart. The same goes for car seats.

There's no charge.



answers from Dayton on

Hi M.! I've been flying with our daughter since she was 3 months old. Every airline has allowed me to gate check my stroller. This allows you to take the stroller down to the entrance of the plane. The stroller will be waiting for you when you get off of the plane...even for layovers and switching planes. The best part about traveling with a child in a stroller is a lot of airports will move you to the front of the security line if you have a small child in a stroller...usually your bigger airports (Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, etc.) My daughter is 3 now, and we still use a stroller when we travel. I like to be able to strap her in when we're at the bigger airports and moving from one gate to another. It keeps her close to me so I don't have to worry about her darting off somewhere. Enjoy traveling with your little one!



answers from Columbus on

M., my sister is a flight attendant as well as a mother who travels frequently w/ her children. The airlines will tag your stroller, let you take it w/ your child to the entrance door of the plane--you take your child on-board and they stow the stroller, and upon arrival at your destination (not sure about layovers) they bring the stroller to the plane's entrance door. You don't have to carry your child, lug luggage and/or the stroller down the ramp. Also, you usually have "first seating" preferences--w/ most airlines. Hope this helps. A. F.

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