12 Weeks... When Will I Start Showing?

Updated on May 30, 2010
L.S. asks from Newnan, GA
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I am 12 weeks prego and am wondering at what point I will start showing. I have a little bump where my belly buton is but I can't yet feel my uterus above my pubic bone. I thought by now I should be able to feel it. I was just thinkng if baby is the size of a lime shouldn't I be able to feel it?
Also when should I be able o start feeling the baby move?

Thanks :)

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answers from Huntsville on

Everyone is different. I was showing at 8 weeks. A lot of people dont start really showing until about 16 weeks. I felt the baby move around 16 weeks too.

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answers from St. Louis on

Everyone is different, and the definition of "showing" is very different, too! I thought I was showing, but people are still surprised when they find out I'm pregnant! LOL!

Usually, if it's your first baby, you will start to "show" or have to find larger clothes between 13-17 weeks. You will start to feel the baby between 15-23 weeks. Many times you will feel the baby move but not realize that's what the feeling is, so until the baby starts moving with more strength, it can take a while.

I'm currently pregnant with my third. I'm 23 weeks along, and I think I'm definitely showing. Others, however, are not convinced. And that's okay.

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answers from Tampa on

It's very different from one woman to another but I started to show around week 18. I'm a skinny person, so everybody thought I was just gaining weight... I started to gain weight by week 20. I ended up with 34 pounds... By week 18 you may feel like butterflies in your stomach, usually at night, but again.. everything is different from oner person to another. I recommend you to buy the book "your pregnancy - week by week-" by glade Curtis and Judith Schuler. It helped me a lot during my pregnancy.... Another advise... Do not panic when you first start with the Braxton hicks contractions... It's normal... just watch them!! Enjoy your pregnancy and rest a lot!! You will need it now and for the future!!



answers from Cleveland on

I'm currently 34 weeks & had people telling just a little over a month ago that I couldn't be expecting in July - I just wasn't big enough, but I have been able to tell since about Feb (so about 4 1/2 - 5 mo). But that being said - most of my pregnancies I have been told I'm a "late bloomer" or "carry it well". I had once lady at work w/ my 4th tell me when that their was no reson for me to go on meturnity so soon - I was due & being induced in 3 days - lol. She though I had a few more months before he would be there.

Actually - even now... if I wear certain things - people don't really see my belly... they just notice me waddling & think I have a bad leg or foot. I was asked about 2 weeks ago "what did you do to your leg" - my hit was bugging me, so I was limping, when I explained - they were shocked that I was expecting.

I wouldn't worry about not showing - you will within time... you still have 28 more weeks for the baby to grow. Right now he is growing very slowly... the big growth spert will be the last 10 weeks or so when they gain most of their weight. Which is also when your tummy will grown the most.

I started feeling this little guy move in January (so about 3-4 mo) & hubby felt it for the 1st time around Valantines Day... but if this is your first - you may not be able to feel it till later. The you first start feeling it more - it's just fluttering & can sometimes be hard to tell, but as it gets bigger & stronger - you will be able to tell w/ out any question.

Congratz on the little one!! Take care!!



answers from Killeen on

I agree with the first poster...with my first, I didn't show until about 20wks along b/c it takes longer for everything to stretch out...with my 2nd, I was showing around 10wks b/c it had only been 15 mo. between pregnancies and everything was still all stretched out from the first =) I think I started feeling my first baby move around 20-22wks b/c I really didn't know what it would feel like! With my 2nd, I felt movement at about 17wks.
You should get on a website like Baby Center that gives weekly updates on pregnancy and has tons of articles you can read on milestones and what is "normal" or not =) Congrats!



answers from Charlotte on




answers from Dothan on

Nah you wont really show till 4-6 months pending stature. You can feel uterine flutters as early as 3.5 months but you baby will be easier to feel move about 5 months and on


answers from Pocatello on

All people are different but for me I really didn't start to show until 6 months along. It really does take some women that long to show. I mean around 5 months my tummy wasn't completely flat anymore but I still didn't look pregnant and could still wear regular pants. So you still got awhile before your tummy will really start to get round. As for movement......I remember starting to feel little flutters around 18 weeks.



answers from Eugene on

With my first I didn't show till about 20-22 weeks and even then it was a tiny little bump. I felt him move at about 20 weeks. I'm now 19 weeks pregnant with my second and I think I'm showing, but no one else seems to--but I felt the baby move at about 17 weeks. With my first no one knew I was pregnant until I was about 3 months to my due date and even then I never waddled until the baby dropped in the last week on the pregnancy.



answers from St. Cloud on

With our first baby, I didn't show till 15 to 16 weeks. Felt her kicking by about 18 weeks.

With our second baby I was showing by about 10 weeks and felt kicking by about 15 to 16 weeks.

I am now pregnant with our 3rd baby. I was showing at about 8 weeks BUT I'm almost 22 weeks and BARELY feel kicking. (Pretty much only at night in a certain position.) I found out at our ultrasound that the placenta is in front of our little guy so he's kicking a big pillow. Kind of a bummer since that's one of the best parts!

So there is a HUGE range of possibilities with this. If it's your first pregnancy you may not show till well after 20 weeks.



answers from Cincinnati on

It sounds like this is your first, so you probably won't show for a while still. It's different for every person, but it would be pretty rare for you to be showing at 12 weeks, and you shouldn't be feeling the baby move just yet, either. With my first, I didn't show until about 20-22 weeks. That's about when you first start feeling the baby, too. I think I began to feel the baby kicking slightly later than that. So no worries, you're fine!

However, with the SECOND, I began showing within the first 8 weeks, and I felt the baby kick for the first time around 18 weeks.


answers from Chicago on

Is this your first? I didn't "pop" with my first until 16 weeks.
I'm preg with #2 now, and I was very clearly pregnant at 12 weeks. But that's normal for #2?



answers from Seattle on

I started showing around 4 month and felt the first flutters around 19 weeks.
It also depends on you build, some women barely show when they are in their third trimester....

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