When Did You First Feel Your Baby "Kick"

Updated on August 24, 2011
S.R. asks from Clinton, MO
19 answers

I know every pregnancy is different and it depends on your weight and what number pregnancy it is for you too. I first felt the baby 2 weeks ago to the day. Now I feel the baby all day long, everyday.

But, how many weeks were you when you felt your baby for the first time? I honestly can't remember when it was with my first two pregnancies.

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answers from San Francisco on

I don't remember how far along I was, but I was at work when I first felt that fluttering. Cool! My first one consistently had hiccups every day at about 4 p.m., lol! A steady little flick in my lower left side. So cute!

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answers from St. Louis on

around 16-17 weeks. I can't remember the exact day anymore but I know once I realized it was him kicking (my whole stomach would literally move lol) he didn't stop till he was out!

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answers from Los Angeles on

One of the neatest things my wife did for me when she was pregnant was to put her bare tummy in the small of my bare back. When the baby kicked, it almost felt like the baby was inside me. I only felt it a few times, but it was so fantastic I remember it still. And the last time was over 22 years ago.

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Detroit on

I think I was around 20 weeks or so with my first two babies (I can't really remember either), and with my current pregnancy it was at about 15 or 16 weeks. I think I felt it earlier this time because it's my third pregnancy, and I'm also having twins this time. I'm 24 weeks now, and wow do they kick like crazy, I love it!

Congratulations! :-)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

To me, my situation seems a little odd.

With my first, I felt the baby moving at 14 weeks, and from that point onward.

I am currently almost 17 weeks, and I have felt the baby 2 times, one very spastic, jerking movement that was almost painful, and one night lying in bed recently. But nothing consistent at all.

I would have thought that with a second pregnancy, those flutters would be so much more evident. But not the case. I am heavier going into this pregnancy, but no so much so that I'd expect it to make a big difference.

So I'm still waiting....

ETA... LOVED 8kidsdad's response, and I also love the baby hiccups! So cute!



answers from Augusta on

first one wasn't until 18 weeks I think
second was 15 weeks , I remember because my doctor though I was crazy because they aren't supposed to move that much that early



answers from Utica on

Closer to 20 weeks with my first but I had an anterior placenta and I am currently almost 14 weeks with baby number 2 and I have been feeling little flutters for a few weeks now. Its always when I am in bed laying down and nice an quiet but once you have felt it you know that its definitely your baby and not gas
Its almost as nice of a feeling as holding your baby for the first time



answers from Detroit on

Why dont you go to the doctor to see how far along you are?


answers from Los Angeles on

I was around 22 weeks. She never really kicked very hard. Just little flutters every now and then and lots of flipping around.
I used to tell my guy she's like a bear scratching it's back on a tree inside me! =)


answers from Houston on

The first time around 20wks, the second was like 16 wks I was really surprised. This one I didn't feel until about 20wks as well, but then I found out I have an anterior placenta, so that was the difference there. I feel him at night and in the morning a lot and then really sporadically during the day and if I am real busy, which happens a lot sometimes it isn't until I lay down at night and he goes to kicking that I realize that is the first time all day I have noticed movement. :) Congrats!



answers from Savannah on

I was 16 weeks and I thought I was imagining it, but it happened every night at the same time and a week later it started happening more and more!



answers from Phoenix on

With each of my 3 pregnancies, it was later b/c I was heavier with each one :( . Went from 12 to 17 weeks.



answers from New York on

Congrats! With baby #1, I felt him at 4 1/2 months. With this one, I felt him first around 3 mos, very sporadically. Now at 20 weeks, I feel him all the time and his hiccups sometime wake me up! Poor kid!



answers from Chicago on

I was 18 weeks with my twins and 16 weeks with my singleton.



answers from Des Moines on

I honestly don't think weight effects how soon YOU feel the baby move, though it definitely effects how soon those on the outside can feel it through your tummy. I'm VERY overweight but felt him at 14 weeks--IF i was laying on my stomach.

There are a TON of things that DO effect it though-- your position, the baby's position, the placenta's position, timing (if baby only moves when you're sound asleep or too busy to notice you won't know) and the baby's personality-- do you have a future couch potato in there or a future Karate Kid?



answers from Tulsa on

I was overweight and never felt a kick. Congratulations!



answers from New York on

I felt my son kick for the first time around 20 weeks. :) Best feeling ever!!



answers from Detroit on

For me it was right around 18 weeks.



answers from Washington DC on

18 weeks with the first, 15 with the second, and 12 with this one. I think you feel it earlier the more pregnancies you have because you recognize it. I remember with the first one the doctor mentioned during a visit that the baby was moving and I was like "oh, that is what that is!" This one I felt constantly from 12 weeks onward.

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