Anyone Else Have This Problem? Cat Poop Runnier and Smells Horrid!

Updated on April 09, 2008
K.S. asks from Anaheim, CA
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I am hoping there is a mom out there that may have had a simlar problem. I have an 8 year old cat that has been a pretty good kitty for the most part, but for the last couple of months has been hard to deal with. She has been scooting her butt on the floor after going to the bathroom and her stools have started to smell horrid. Yes I know cat poop is stinky, but this is abnormally stinky. I took her to the vet last weekend and they expressed her glands which were quite full and this stopped the scooting for a couple of days, but now its back. I'm so tired of scrubbing the skid marks off the floor and my baby boys are going to be crawling soon and I refuse to have them crawling on cat skid marks. I really don't want to get rid of her, but will if I have to. Has anyone had a problem like this and has found a solution to it? Everything else at her checkup was normal and there has been no diet change at all.

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So What Happened?

Well we went back to the vet and he we did a fecal test just in case and of course it came back negative. My cats are all indoor so they arent really exposed to anything. They checked her glands again and they were fine. So the vet wants me to change her food to prescription diet I/D...probably is she wont eat it. So we tried a different one and it made no difference. I put her on Science diet sensitive stomach and no change. I'm getting ready to try Avoderm since its natural and the ingredients seem good. My husband thinks she has a food I dont know...Im going to try, but Im going out of my mind on this one. Thanks to all those that gave advice. I did put her on some active cultures and it made a difference for a few days, but then back to the cow pies. Poor kitty has been locked in a room for a month now and still not better...I dont know what else to do. =(

Okay its been a couple months since I updated this...but after trying food after thing seems to be in common...she appears to be allergic to chicken. We switched her to a salmon based food and shes appears to be better!

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I was thinking what every one else said. Her diet isn't sufficent and that perhaps she has worms. Worn treatment is just one pill, all it takes is a fecal sample to be looked at the vets office. Something you want done regulary with small children around anyway, if you are not already doing it. I'd get the glands done again as well and ask the vet about suggestions for a high quality food for her. I hope you can get this cleared up so your kitty doesn't loose her home.



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Hi Kim,
I worked at a vet office for 4 years, and this is a issue I have seen many times. They may have not got all the gunk out when they were doing her glands so you may need to go back and have them do it again. Also check for tape worms..they are in the poop (sorry its gross I know) but that could cause her bum to be irratated also. They get tape worms by ingesting fleas when they clean themselves. So that may be it too? Good luck!


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My husband and I have a 21 year old cat (I've only known him for the past 5 years, but hubby's had him for 18). A long time ago, Snuggs started having a similar problem. The vet suggested that hubby mix some unprocessed bran (usually found in with the hot cereals at the grocery store) into some wet cat food to increase his fiber intake. Weird, I know, but it really seems to work. We ran out of bran once, and I figured, hey, one or two meals won't make a difference. I changed my mind after scrubbing the carpet in three different rooms, and washing the comforter from our bed. It's pretty cheap, so it might be worth a shot.



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Give her some yogurt with live cultures/acidolphilus (spelling it wrong I'm sure). This or some sort of probiotic should help with her runny poop.

My Mom's cat had the same problem (of course she is 17) and now my Mom gives her a little yogurt everyday. Her diagnosis was that she was constipated. I guess she was pooping just runny poops.

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