Why Does My Cats Litter Box Smell So Bad?

Updated on July 05, 2010
K.W. asks from Agoura Hills, CA
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So I adopted a male cat recently and he is overweight. His poop alsways smells really bad and I have tried so many different types of expensive cat litters to help get rid of the smell and nothing seems to work. He eats purina dry food for weight management. He poops 3-5 times a day and I even notice blood in it quite often in his poop and on his bum. Recently for the past week and a half the smell has gotten worse and smells like rotting puke. Is there something wrong with him? Im not sure if I should bring him to the vet if it's nothing serious.

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answers from San Diego on

He might be allergic to the cat food. I would bring him into the vet personally. He might have also eaten something that's stuck inside. There should never be blood in the stool, ever. Hope he's OK.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would definitely take him to the vet. It isn't normal or healthy to have blood in poop or on his bottom. There is certainly something wrong.

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answers from Austin on

Definitly take him to the vet. If your cat is having bloody stool & see blood on his bum then there may be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Especially if his poo really smells that badly. I've had cats since i was a little girl & as far as I know from experience, a cat's poo shouldn't smell any worse than a human's. Your kitty may just be constipated or have intestinal parasites or somthing that may need addressing. I'd call the vet first to see what they say or look for answers online so you'll have some type of possible answer or information. Try moist/canned food for a change & if no change in this symptom then definitly call the vet. Also, for the smell, try using Exquisicat litter at Petsmart, I've found this litter to be good after trying many others. Hope this helps & good luck.

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answers from San Diego on

Cat poop doesn't smell good and if he's not burying it, it will smell horrible. The difference between my cat burying his poop and not burying it is amazing! Cat litter does a great job normally.

That being said, the blood isn't normal. Well, once in a great while, but if it's common, he should get checked out. He may be straining and is bleeding as a result. Could be as something as simple as changes in diet. Is he drinking enough? You may want to give him some wet food as well to give him some moisture in his diet.

I would recommend a vet visit. They can do a fecal exam (call first and get their recommendation....you can probably bring a fresh sample in a ziploc bag) and check him out.

Good luck!

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answers from San Diego on

I would take your cat to the vet right away. He may have some form of bacterial or parasite infection (i.e. Gilardia, etc...). It is not normal for your cat to bleed when he poops. True, cat feces does not smell terrific, but it should not be getting worse.


answers from Kansas City on

We have a cat like that too. I did some googling online and learned that some cats have this problem chronically and are not actually in danger or too sick at all. Our cat is huge. He is happy, seemingly healthy, but not fat, just large. We feed him IAMs.



answers from Topeka on

I agree with everyone else...the blood in the bm's is not right and you really need to be checking with your vet right away. How often are you cleaning your littler box? We have one cat and we clean it every morning....we were still having trouble with a really unpleasant smell in the room...and I decided that it was the fact that we were just dumping the mess that we were cleaning up in the trash bag and it was still exposed to the air and making it's presence known. We have started reusing the plastic bags from the grocery store to put it in each morning..we tie it shut before putting it in the trash can and it has made a WORLD of difference!!



answers from Chicago on

I would take him to the vet Blood is not good but he could be having hard poops and cutting himself on the way out, also. Our litter box has a filter on the top if yours does, change it. It makes a difference.



answers from Las Vegas on

I adopted a cat and he had horrible smelling BM's. They would drive out of the room that was next to the litter box. Then one month later my other cat came down with severe diarrhea. After a trip to the vet and antibiotics for both, then they were fine. I always wondered if this cat was abandoned just because he smelled bad. It was a simple case of some type-of bacteria in his gut. Best wishes and take him to the vet!



answers from Los Angeles on

There shouldn't be blood in his stool and it should smell but not like that. I would have him checked out immediately!


answers from Dallas on

ugh, i can so sympathise with you!! my cat's box is so nasty and stinky i gag every time i go by it. mine apparently eats whatever things on the floor that he can chew (and my husband gives him things like beef jerky and pork rinds...ew, why?) anyhow, once he was eating more wet food (i give him half a can every 2-3 days, he's fat as well and has plaque on his teeth bad) it let up some. the blood isn't normal if it's happening alot...also, with the different litter types...did you try the crystal type ones? that seems to be my cats fave and he's more prone to bury then as well. helps more with stinky.



answers from Los Angeles on

Blood is not a good sign. Take him to the vet immediately.



answers from San Diego on

I've heard that Iams food is the best for making their poop not smell so bad...



answers from Sioux Falls on

When a cat has his diet switched, his system has to get used to it. While he is adjusting, you will put up with some very obnoxious, gas. As far as food goes, I have learned, the better quality of cat food, the less poop and health problems your cat will go through. Look at the lable on his cat food bag. What is the ash content, and the grain content? Those are fillers. Your cat cannot digest them. They are added to make the cat feel full. It goes right through them, and they poop it out. Also, with a high ash content, neutered males get crystals in their urine. They get very sick by blockages, and if you don't get them to the vet quick enough, it is fatal. Very painful! The best cat foods out there are Diamond and Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul. Why I say they are the best, is that according to the research sites, they are in the top rankings nutritionally, and they are not going to break the bank! You need less food, because it is more nutritionally dense (no fillers), and less fillers=less smelly poop to clean. You can get these cat foods from your local feed store. Also, I just learned from a breeder to use pressed pine pellet bedding for litter box instead of the clay stuff. Less smell and no tracking!
Hope this helps! And I hope kitty feels better soon!



answers from Los Angeles on

Take your cat to a vet he has trouble the dr will know what to do A. hae two wonderful catts A. no hills


answers from Jacksonville on

I would take him to the vet, it could be any number of things (worms, constipation, food allergy, intestinal block, or something very serious like cancer). If its worms they will give him a pill and that should take care of the blood. If its constipation you can buy a hairball paste and put it on his paw to lick off. They contain lots of oils and omega-3's that help prevent blockage and straining to go. This helps alot as my cat is a scavenger as well and will eat anything he sees (im pretty sure he thinks hes a dog). As for the litter, I prefer Arm & Hammer or Cat's Pride. They aren't sandy and dusty like the others and seems to stick to the waste better therefore reducing the smell. I would ask your vet to recommend a food (remember that friends episode: "smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?") You would be surprised what is in some pet foods and the vet should be able to guide you in the right direction for your cat. No matter what, poop stinks! but there are definitely ways to reduce and manage it. But take him to the vet first and make sure he really is just a smelly cat.


answers from San Luis Obispo on

Take him to the vet!


Take him to the vet! Most likely a parasite that can be cured with medicine. My cat had giardia and it smelled awful.

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