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Updated on June 01, 2010
H.R. asks from North Richland Hills, TX
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I am looking for a work at home job that does not have inventory to sell. I know there are alot out there like that. If anyone could give me some information, it would be greatly appreciated. H. R

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answers from Dallas on

Hi Heidi,
I love what i do. I market for a health and wellness company and work with a great group of moms. There is no inventory, no selling, no cold calling. Visit my website if you would like more information. www.themomteam.com/janetmwright

Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you.


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answers from Dallas on

Seriously check out www.workathomeunited.com/paycheck
Lots of moms doing it and loving it!
No inventory, no selling, no investment, no mlm, no risk, no kidding. request more info.

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answers from Johnson City on

Hi H.,
Our growing business needs individuals to work part time (full time is available) from home. You would build your own home base business earning residual income from now through the future. You can work five to twenty hours per week (part-time) and enjoy the remainder of the week with your family and friends. We have individuals making a full time income working only part time, living fuller, happier and healthier lives. When you are happy at what you do, your health, both physical and mental, is improved greatly. We do not sell products; we are a virtual company with exciting opportunities now opening due to massive growth. Applicants for this position must have home computer with High Speed/DSL Internet connection and possess a can do attitude. You will not have a “Boss” watching over your shoulder, you must be a self-starter and willing to input a few hours per week online to become successful in your home based business. For more information or to apply visit our web site at http://www.ProsperingFromHome.net/tkappa click on Request Info.


answers from Chicago on

Hello Heidi,
I recently got involved with a great company that sounds like exactly what you are looking for. There are many ways to go about making money with this compnay, and there is NO MONEY coming out of your pocket! I don't have a lot of time to explain all the details right now, but if you are interested in any information please contact me as soon as you can and I will let you know the options. My name is J. and you can message me privately for more info. I will can then give you my number to explain in further detail. Sorry for being so vague, but I just started with the company so I can't post all the info.

Best wishes, J.



answers from Dallas on

Hi H., I read some of your post and I am also in ignite. I do recommend checking it out. I signed up to earn extra money for my kids to stay in private school. I am earning extra money and feel confident that by aug I will be able to cover there 1400.00 a month tution. You should take a look at it.



answers from Seattle on

Hi, H.!

I do in-home wine tastings, its so much fun! I get to learn about wine and food pairing as we taste 6 wines (3 whites and 3 reds), plus I'm getting paid for it! I do not carry any inventory at all, in fact it is illegal for me to sell wine. I just guide the guests through the tasting and if they choose to order, they order through the winery in CA. The wine is always shipped to the host and/or the custome, so no deliveries to worry about either!

Best of all, I get to work on a schedule that works for me! I can work around the kids and my husband who works lots of hours!

And, this month we have Two great sign up specials! If you would like to learn more, check out my website at www.FineWinesAtHome.com, then click on the contact me button.

I'd love to share more information with you!

S. B.



answers from Dallas on

My situation is close to yours. I'm a teacher about to be a SAHM with 2 under 2 after June. I was very skeptical of scams, but I took the leap with a group of Moms who have given me unlimited training and support. Basically, by telling others what company I shop with, I make money. The best part is, I love the products because they are safer for my family and environmentally friendly. The start up is minimal and can be refunded. I figured the benefit was mine as the products are great, they're cheaper than retail, and I make LESS trips to the store! Visit my website to see what you think: www.best4mykiddos.com or email me: ____@____.com
I would love to talk to you!



answers from Dallas on


I have found a company called ASI that I would like to share with you. I am not interested in selling anything either and I can not afford to "invest" any of my money. But ASI you do not pay for anything unless you want to purchase your website for $7.95. Even the business cards you can print out on your own for free. They also provide training of how they work. This has truly been a blessing for me and my family. To learn more go to:




answers from Dallas on

Hi H.:

I recommend Ignite - I've done several other businesses but really like this one because there is no inventory, it is something that EVERYone uses, it is residual and pays well.

If you would like to know more, feel free to message me at ____@____.com OR check out our website at www.daviddsantos.igniteinc.biz



answers from Dallas on

First, let me say that I completely understand now wanting to have an inventory to sell. I could not sell a blanket to an Eskimo. However, I am actually an AVON Independent Sales Rep. So, does that mean that I sell? Not really. AVON has been around for over 120 years and it sells itself. I do not have an inventory and I do not have a sales quota to meet. I sell (hand out my brochure and wait for the orders) to whom ever I want, when ever I want. I can sell to anyone in the entire country, not just in my area. AVON has come such a long way. Through AVON's many partners we now have the option of health and lie insurance, a savings plan not unlike a 401k (I think it is called a 401a), as well as many other advantages. AVON actually rewards it's representatives. Can you see yourself enjoying an all inclusive cruise? With AVON it can happen.

I would love to tell you more. Actually, I could go on and on about AVON. I am a single, stay at home mom of two and AVON is my only job. And I LOVE it! I would not go back into the workforce again. They cannot pay me enough! If you would like to know more about it, email me at ____@____.com. I could also mail you out a DVD of some of our success stories. I will tell you that we have a lady here in the DFW are (just North of Dallas) that, every two weeks, she gets a check of roughly $8000 from AVON. How nice would that be? That is where I have set my goal. What an inspiration.

Hope to hear from you soon. If not, I do wish you luck in whatever avenue you choose.



answers from Dallas on

Hi Heidi,

I was scrolling through old questions and came across yours. I read the responses, and to my surprise, no one mentioned Shaklee. Shaklee is the #1 health and wellness company in the U.S. It has been providing research and innovation in the wellness industry, resulting in pure, quality products in nutritional supplements, household cleaning, personal care, beauty, and air & water purification. I used the products for a while before I started selling them. They provide training to new salespersons.
There is NO inventory, customers call an 800 number or go online to order and its direct-ship. There are different levels of involvement; the highest one currently includes 3 months of your own website. Please feel free to go to my website, www.Shaklee.com/RecipeForHealth and explore. You can look at products, and there is a section on the business opportunity (Join Us!). You can also contact me through the website. Selling Shaklee is living in the world of AND. You can help others be healthy AND make a great living.
I hope whatever you choose to invest in provides you with everything you wanted!

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