"Seeking Home Employment Options for Stay at Home Mom"

Updated on April 03, 2008
C.H. asks from Euless, TX
9 answers

I am a new mom and also a teacher. I desperately want to stay home with my child but know I need an income to supplement my husband's. What kinds of home employment options do I have for the next two to three years if not longer?

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answers from Dallas on

I am a Jewels by Park Lane representative. Park Lane is a great opportunity for moms wanting to stay home. Please view my website and give me a ###-###-####

P. Lynn

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answers from Dallas on


Have you heard of Scentsy "the Authentic Wickless Candles"? If not, then you should be the 1st to tell all your friends. It's a great way to earn extra income!

It's a safe alternative than candles and is safe for DORMS, CLASSROOMS, APARTMENTS, RETIREMENT HOMES, OFFICES, HOUSES, or anywhere you would like a great smelling Aroma. Scentsy is a decorative warmer that use a 25 watt bulb to melt the wax. It's not hot to the touch and you can leave them on all day and not worry about something burning.

The company has been around for 3 years and is growing daily! The products sell themselve and nothing is over $25. If your intersted please check my website out at www.scentsy.com/DFW or you may contact me at ###-###-#### or [email protected]____.com!!!

Have a Scent-Sational Day!



answers from Dallas on

Seriously check out www.workathomeunited.com/paycheck
Lots of moms doing it and loving it.
No selling, no inventory,no mlm no paperwork, no investment, no kidding. Check out site to request more information.
Dont put it off you will be glad you did.



answers from Dallas on

I telecommute for a local company doing accounting work. A lot of companies now are giing that option. Also check out www.wahm.com and check out their forum for ideas.

I was never a good salesperson so I needed to be an employee and count on my paycheck. i worked for www.alpineaccess.com and they are a great company

hope any of this helps!



answers from Seattle on


I have a wonderful home-based business in the wine industry. I do in-home wine tastings. I get to "work" on a schedule that is convenient for me and my family. But, the best part is, I am having a great time learning about wine and sharing my knowledge with fellow wine lovers!

If this sounds like something you are interested in, check out my website at www.FineWinesAtHome.com. You can find my contact information on my website, or you can email me at [email protected]____.com if you have any questions!

Congratulations on your new baby! I hope you find what you are looking for to keep you home with her!

S. B



answers from Dallas on

Hi there! I am a, Independent Consultant with ARbonne International. Arbonne is a Swiss Health & Wellness company which products products that are pure, safe and beneficial...meaning you get results! We have products for all ages and backgrounds. I'd be happy to get you some samples of our products to try and some information on our opportunity.

Because of this wonderful company I make extra money so I can stay at home with my step-son and daughter who will be 4 on April 1st! YOu can make as much or little as you want...you give yourself a pay raise when you want &/or need it. You set your own hours and are your own boss!

My email is [email protected]____.com or feel free to call me at ###-###-####. I'd love to talk with you!
D. :-)



answers from Dallas on

Hi C.,

I am an Avon Independent Sales Representative and a Unit Leader. I would love to share the Avon opportunity with you. I offer a 15 minute, "no pressure" information session to answer your questions and provide you with information. Please call me at ###-###-#### for further details.

Good luck and have a blessed day!




answers from Dallas on

It depends on what your thinking here are a few things I have checked into my self. ASI there are several different options with them some is selling and some is more customer service oriented. They work in health and wellness, insurance, surveys, and cell phones services. Go to there website and check them out they are legitament. If that is not what your looking for go to madjac.igniteinc.biz it is something you can do on the side to earn extra income. I do this to pay for my kids private school. It looks like you have a lot of responses good luck!!



answers from Dallas on

Hello C.!

I work from home with wonderful wellness company. I love the way this company does business! I don't sell products, stock an inventory, or make any deliveries. I simply educate others on shopping for safer & economical everyday products. I help families stay HEALTHY & save MONEY!

Motivated people make a fantastic income and you can work the business around your schedule. I currently work as a teacher and I work the business around my teaching schedule & my 3 boys. My income is approaching a replacement income for me & I definitely don't work the business full-time!

I would love to share all of the information with you. We have a great group of women in the metroplex who are very supportive.

Visit my website at www.myfamilymyfuture.com. Be sure to request more information & I will contact you asap!


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