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Updated on June 02, 2008
T.L. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I work currently in the evenings at my job. I just started going back to work after being home with my daughter for 16 months. I miss being away from her like crazy. If anyone knows of a way to work from home without having to put out so much money will you please let me know.
Thank you

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answers from Dallas on

Hello T.,

My name is C.. I just started working with ASI from home. It did not cost me anything and I do not have to sell anything. I just kept looking to find something that fits for me. There will be something that is perfect just for you to spend time with your daughter and make a good income as well.

I hope you find the perfect fit for your needs.

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answers from Seattle on

I do in-home wine tastings! It is so much fun and you will learn so much about the exciting wine industry!

Right now, our business kit is on special, and we are even giving away a free stemware demo kit to all new wine consultants!

After signing up, there are not a lot of other fees, if any. And, we don't carry any inventory at all...unless of course you buy wine for your own personal consumption! But, not to sell or to carry to your tastings. So, no inventory, jsut re-directed wine purchasing!

Check out my website at or send me an email at [email protected] for more info!

S. B.



answers from Dallas on

Make great money and get healthy at the same time.
Check out and see how easy and inexpensive it is to have your own business.



answers from Dallas on

Opportunity Call (Coaches Call) ###-###-#### pin#932423

Your own Credit Restoration Center



answers from Dallas on

I work from home & would happy to tell you all about it. As with all businesses, I did have start-up & carrying costs. However, they are very minimal. I work with many great ladies & I am replacing my full-time income with my business. Visit my website at & be sure to request more information. I will contact you asap so we can chat! :)




answers from Dallas on


Have you heard of Scentsy "the Authentic Wickless Candles"? If not, then you should be the 1st to tell all your friends. It's a great way to earn extra income!

It's a safe alternative than candles and is safe for DORMS, CLASSROOMS, APARTMENTS, RETIREMENT HOMES, OFFICES, HOUSES, or anywhere you would like a great smelling Aroma. Scentsy is a decorative warmer that use a 25 watt bulb to melt the wax. It's not hot to the touch and you can leave them on all day and not worry about something burning.

The company has been around for 3 years and is growing daily! The products sell themselve and nothing is over $25. If your intersted please check my website out and sign up through my website at or you may contact me at ###-###-#### or [email protected]!!!

Have a Scent-Sational Day!



answers from Dallas on

I would love to talk to you. I stay at home with my children and love it. Visit my website or you can email me at [email protected] You can start your own business for only $10 and that will be all you need to get started. I hope to hear from you soon.



answers from Dallas on

I am a teacher, and soon to be SAHM having 2 under 2 after June. I looked around a lot before taking the leap with the MOM Team. I talked to another SAHM who quelched my fears,& gave me hope. The start up is minimal & refundable w/in 4 mo. so there is NO risk. There is also NO selling, NO inventory, NO cold calling, but there IS unlimited training & support from Moms just like you. The MOM team markets for a health & wellness company that has awesome products that are safer for your family and less than retail. I figured if nothing else I was getting better products at better prices with LESS trips to the store (bonus)! Basically, by telling others about the company I was shopping with, I make money. The income is residual so it builds over time. Visit my website to see what you or email me:[email protected]
I would love to talk to you!



answers from Dallas on

I too am looking for home employment. Have been for some time now. I am very suspicious of all companies (because I can't afford to be ripped off). So I check out everything before I get involved. I would go to to check out companies that involve selling. Most companies are MLM which mean they are more interested in you getting other people to sell for you that they are actually interested in selling their products. Good luck and if you do find one that is legit, please think of me and pass on the info.

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