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Updated on September 29, 2008
A.M. asks from Arlington, TX
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I am a stay at home mom who is looking for something I can do from my home to make money. If anyone out there as a good ideas or is currently working from home and can help out please let me know.

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I am working from home for a health and wellness company! I make money simply by telling others how to switch to a greener safer more economical way of shopping! I don't distribute products and I save money on gas and everyday products! And in today's economy who doesn't want to do that? If you would like to learn more email me and I would love to visit with you! This really is a great job!
H. M

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Work from home jobs (that people hire you for) are hard to come by, so usually it means starting your own business.

Most people are going to recommend that you join a direct sales company. This sometimes can be the easiest way to get a business quick, but it doesn't always mean quick money. It's as hard work as anything else.

Draw on your own interests and talents. You said you love to cook and bake - why not sell birthday cakes and blend it with another aspect of party planning? Or set up a informational website related to baking and earn a small income from Google ads etc? All of these things take time and husband and I run a full time home business and earn all of our income from entrepreneurial efforts. It's tough, sometimes long hours, but we wouldn't trade it for the world.

You have to find multiple streams of income, a little here, a little there - and it adds up. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak, especially in this economy. I sell Usborne Books, do graphic design, embroidery, screenprinting, design kids t-shirts, teach childbirth classes, do informational websites, childcare here and there.

Good luck, and if you would like to chat more, just message me. ;-)



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A. - check out my website Let me know if you have any questions. So far - it's been a great, fun job!



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I am currently a single mom raising two kids. I also Homeschool my son due to health issues that required too much missed school. We also are busy most of the time.

I have found great earnings through AVON. I have been an independent sales rep. with Avon for nearly a year now and have found it not only financially rewarding, but fun as well. It is the easiest job i have ever had. The biggest plus is that it does not interfere with my own schedule. I set my own hours. If I need to take a day off, I do.

Avon has changed so much over the years. There are no longer any "territories." You can sell to whomever you like, where ever you like. You mentioned that you lived in New Jersey. Well, Avon will even allow you to create a website where you can sell to your friends there and anywhere else in the country. Avon still has some of the old favorites as well as lots of great new stuff. There is something for everyone...from Grandma and Grandpa, to Mom and Dad, husband, children, even including the family dog.

As always, there are absolutely no inventory requirements or minimum sales requirements to meet as with some other companies. But what if you have a customer that decides s/he doesn't want the product or can't be found for delivery? Return it. Avon has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will will credit it back to your account. You will never be "stuck" with product a customer does not what or that you cannot deliver.

Avon even starts you off (*first four campaigns - 2 months) earning 50% on Avon products when you submit your order online. Through Avon's partners, there is health, life, and dental insurance available as well as a savings plan much like a 401(k).

All this for a mere $10! Plus, when you sign up, I will give you what you need for the first two campaigns, including some samples.

A great thing about starting an Avon business at this time of year is that this is our busiest selling time of year. My very first order with Avon, was over $350. (I knew one of the people who ordered previously. Her order was less than $50.) That was $175 in my pocket for Christmas. My next order was even more. Avon paid for Christmas last year. Plus, it was SO easy. Avon has been around for over 120 years and it really does sell itself.

I would love to give you more information about it (I could easily write a 2000 word essay about the benefits of Avon). If you (or anyone) would like more information about starting your own Avon business; or if you would simply like a current Avon catalog, please email me at

Whatever path you choose, I sincerely wish you great luck and wonderful success.



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