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Updated on June 04, 2008
S.A. asks from Haltom City, TX
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I'm in need of a part-time job. I already work as a Legal Assistant from 9am-6pm Monday thru Friday, but my husband just got laid off and gas prices are really killing my wallet. I'm open to just about anything. I can work during the week anytime after about 6:30pm and anytime on the weekends. Please respond if you know of anything! Thanks

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If you would like to look into doing some work from home and make money by showing people a healthier more economical way of living by simply changing stores then let me know! My sons' asthma is so much better since we started shopping healthier. And my youngest and my eczema is under control! There is no distributing products! www.tx.parentsunited.com

H. M.

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Have you ever considered becoming an Avon Independent Sales Rep? You can earn up to 50% on your sales (Avon even starts you out at 50%). With you working outside the home already, you have a customer base right there within your office. Then, of course, there are friends, family, and neighbors. That is just one aspect of Avon's earnings potential. You could also sign other people up and earn money on their sales. Avon is all I do (well, I do babysit a little boy as well, but haven't had him for a couple of weeks now and do not know if he will be coming back). I have not reached my career goal with Avon yet, but I only started in December and am already well on my way.

I would love the opportunity to tell you more about how Avon can pay for your gas and even come to REPLACE your current income (insurance is available as well). If this sounds like something you would be interested in, or would like to know more about, please email me at ____@____.com.


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I don't know of any part-time jobs, but the Colleyville Chamber has an opening for a full-time events and programs Coordinator and Nestle in Colleyville is looking for an entry level manager. Maybe one of these would work for your husband. Let me know if you need more information.



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Hi S.:

If you haven't heard of Ignite, I highly recommend it - I've done several other businesses but really like this one because there is no inventory, it is something that EVERYone uses, it is residual, low start up fee which can be earned back immediately and easily and it pays well. AND it has a proven track record.

If you would like to know more, feel free to PM me OR check out our website at www.daviddsantos.igniteinc.biz I'd be happy to meet with you in person to share more info with you.



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Have you heard of Scentsy "the Authentic Wickless Candles"? It's a safe alternative than candles. Scentsy is a decorative warmer that use a 25 watt bulb to melt the wax. It's not hot to the touch and you can leave them on all day and not worry about something burning. The company has been around for 3 years and is growing daily! The products sell themselve and nothing is over $25. If your interested in becoming part of this great team please check my website out and join through my website at www.scentsy.com/DFW

Contact me at ###-###-#### or ____@____.com!!!





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I work part-time from home with a great company! We are paying down our debt and I work around my family's already busy life. I would love to help you out. Visit my website for more information: www.myfamilymyfuture.com




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S. A. I can suggest a home based christian business from the home: Creative Memories Look on my website & see what you think. www.mycmsite.com/anitacopeland & I'm having National Scrapbook Day this Sat 5/17 at New World United Meth. Church in Arlington at No. Davis & Rocky Canyon from 10 to 4 PM It's $15 & includes lunch. Bring a friend and yours is $12.50. Bring pictures to crop with my tools & see what it's all about. RSVP ###-###-#### A. C.



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Have you heard of Arbonne International? It is a 28 year old Swiss Health & Wellness company. In a nutshell, what I do is three things:
1. Teach & Train people the benefits of using pure, safe and beneficial products.
2. Teach & Train people how to get their products at a discount.
3. Teach & train people how to make extra money.

You get to set your own hours, give yourself pay raises, be your own boss! I love what I do!

If you are interested in learning more please contact me at ###-###-####.
You can also listen to a recorded call at ###-###-####. It's about 30 minutes and can listen anytime 24/7. I do want to follow up with you after you've listened to the call.

You may also contact me via email at ____@____.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.
D. :)



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My name is B. Anderson and I have just recently joined a company that is amazing- Just check it out...its just a short presentation on the phone - and then you can make a decision! I'm already making money! My website is www.freedomunitedteam.com/brandyanderson

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