While Pregnant: The First Years

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Memory Loss During Pregnancy

A.K. asks from Dallas

Good morning everyone, really hoping someone can help me w/ this burning question. During pregnancy I started noticing a pattern of forgetfulness,where sticky notes ...


Why Did He Leave Me as Soon as I Got Pregnant?

B.G. asks from Miami

Hello everyone, today I'm 12 weeks pregnant and i feel very sad because the father of my baby dont want to see me or know anything about the baby. After living toget...


I Have a 4Mo Old and Pregnant Again!!

M.F. asks from Columbus

I have a beautiful 4 month old baby girl, and I just found out I am pregnant again. I hate feeling sad about it because I feel guilty feeling like that towards my...


I'm Pregnant with Twins!

L.M. asks from Greensboro

I just found out I'm pregnant with twins! I'm happy but also scared. What should I do? How do I deal with twins?


Should I Get Pregnant?

C.D. asks from Louisville

OK.. here is my issue.. I have a baby girl who is 6 months old.. i want another baby so bad.. i just want a big family.. i am only 20 years old but i am a fantastic m...


She Knows Now, Pregnancy, Motherhood Can Be a Lonely Place

F.O. asks from Los Angeles

Remember the question of would you attend the shower if yours was blown off? Briefly, I did not attend but I sent a gift on time. Anyway, she had the baby Jan...


Do You Write in a Journal?

C.R. asks from Kansas City

If you write in a journal do you write daily? What type of things do you journal about? I've never been a writer, but I was thinking it may help me with some depressi...


Breastfeeding on Antidpressants

A.M. asks from Sacramento

I was diagnosed with post partum depression and was prescribed Prozac but have been afraid to take it since it shows up in milk and I am exclusively breast feeding. C...


I Swore I'd Never Have Another baby....now Hubby Wants a Girl

P.K. asks from Las Vegas

I take bc that has no 'period week' and have been for the last couple of years to manage endometriosis. I take prego tests every few months just to be sure I'm not p...


Gender Disappointment

S.A. asks from St. Louis

Has anyone ever struggled with gender disappointment during pregnancy? Ever secretly desired one gender over the other? If so, how did you deal with the fears and anx...